God changes your marriage as He changes your heart…First Things First, Part 3

While it’s yet dark I throw back the covers, sit in silence for a few moments letting the new day sink in. Hush of pre-dawn hours and His ever-nearness enveloping me like a warm shawl on a cold morning. My mind stilled, my heart reaches heavenward. This time is just for me and Him.

And my Michael, he’s got his own personal meeting going on with the Lord.

Daily we choose to enter the secret place before entering our day and it sets the tone for the hours that follow, impacting decision-making, our willingness to obey, stress levels, and by extension, our marriage. So we guard our time with Him.

When you or I neglect our time with God we make it easier for the enemy to sneak past our boundaries, wrecking havoc and harm, crushing in ways small and big — sometimes severely damaging marriages, with families breaking and how the babies cry.

But we are smarter than that because we are Daddy’s devoted daughters and Father’s faithful sons, aren’t we?

We hear His voice — when we are listening. We learn from the Bible (especially the words and life and Christ) — when we read it. We grow closer to God through prayer — when we make the effort. Choices. And in these things, and as we practice other spiritual disciplines, we are victorious when the challenges of life and marriage overwhelm.

So how’s your love affair with God these days?

Do you know Him? Really? Or do you wear the mask and go through the motions? Something to seriously consider regardless of how life and marriage are currently faring.

And an absolute necessity if your marriage is a mess today — with gaping chasms of pain, fear, sin, hurt and loss from the uglies satan uses to destroy us — all the weaknesses we yield to, the wounds from childhood, the hardness of heart. Your union seems doomed and you’re thinking about throwing in the towel: I’m done, I’m calling a lawyer, or one of satan’s favorite lines: I’m not in love with him/her anymore.

You may think that packing your bags, divorcing your spouse, and moving on is all it will take to make your heart happy. Wrong! You will still be there. With all your own inner stuff that needs healing. Not to mention the terrible fall-out that follows divorce — emotional, physical and financial devastation. And your babies wailing even 20 years later.

For divorce doesn’t just split a couple apart it wrecks families, destroying the stability and security every child needs. Little boys and girls, and even bigger ones, want mommy and daddy together, loving each other for a lifetime. Role models for the next generation. Every successful marriage making society stronger. And if you’re thinking that a new marriage with someone else will magically be all better, please think again.

And don’t give up before turning to God who is the repairer of the breech, the salvation of our souls and the mender of marriages.

But it needs to begin with you, the plank in your eye. Focusing on your spouse’s faults is God’s business. Of course he or she needs to change too, but only God can do it. And I doubt He looks at our bad as much as we do. He sees us as He intends us to be. Made right as we become like His son.

The journey of discipleship begins with your choice — not just to believe in Jesus — but to be like Jesus. Moment by moment with every choice made in line with God’s will. And when both husband and wife commit to follow God like this, as true disciples, hearts and marriages change for the better.

Because God really loves you and me.

He thinks about us all. the. time. Knowing all the good and the bad and loving us still. And He always will. God’s no runner when things get down and dirty. He rolls up His sleeves, lifts us out of our slime, and kisses our sins away.

So what do you say we love Father back like never before?

Spending more real time with Him, not just showing up at small group. Knowing Him, not just knowing about Him. Believing Him like your life depends on it. Doing and saying what He does no matter how much your soul screams in opposition.

Discipleship, it’s not just getting saved, it’s coming and following each day, all the way.

And it’s hard when we first turn whole heartedly to God. Discipleship takes you to the edge of yourself and as you peer into your abyss beware the unpleasantness. Yet don’t hide from God or wallow in recrimination and guilt. If you are sorry, truly, then you are forgiven. And God is ready to move you forward. You don’t need to constantly replay mistakes. Choose not to think on them, just like God says He does. Forgetting.

Is right this minute the time to stop whatever your doing?

And open your heart. Bend your knee. Ask for help. Choose to cling. With baby steps preceding leaps of faith, you’ll learn Him and live Him and fall madly in love with Him.

Just like He desires.

A thousand times each day your choices transform your character. Over time right God-choices change your life and marriage, His promised abundance reaped in unimaginable ways.

And God never makes an empty promise…

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First Things First series, Part 1

Part 2 — Annual Marriage Checkup

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An annual marriage check-up is a great start to the rest of your lives together…First Things First series, part 2

The beginning of a new year is traditionally a time when we put our lives under the microscope in an effort to make them better.

Once all the sugar-coated consumption has ceased many people evaluate the state of their health, resolving to lose weight, join a gym or eat better. Some focus on finances as they dodge credit card companies after spending more than was wise, resolving to put a budget in place and practice frugality. Others may direct their attention to their dreams, what they hope to accomplish in the next 12 months. Many worthwhile elements in life get evaluated as we hang up those clean-canvas calendars.

But most importantly the dawn of 2017 is a great time for taking stock of your marriage.

Evaluating where your relationship with your spouse stands at present in several key areas. Getting an idea of the overall scope of your union in order to see where you may need improvement. For if you don’t know where you are how will you know where you need to go?

On on unusually warm January day in the Hudson Valley, my Michael and I seized the opportunity to be outdoors for a long walk and talk. The objective: our annual marriage check-up. Ascertaining where our marriage stands in this first month of the new year, making sure we’re on the same page, hearing each other’s hearts and responding appropriately. Making sure our union is honoring God. As we walked, we took turns answering a series of questions. The uninterrupted time of exercise, sunshine and fresh air lent clarity and serenity to our conversation.

I expanded the list of questions we used to make it more comprehensive for marriages with children at home, in addition to empty nesters like us. Since it takes time to thoughtfully respond, you may decide to break the list into two sessions. We encourage you to use these questions, or others that uniquely pertain to you and your spouse. Make an appointment with each other for at least an hour of us alone time. Pray for God’s guidance and grace. And then ask away. If weather where you reside permits, being outdoors while you discuss your marriage can bring God’s presence even closer. Or maybe you’ll choose a quiet cafe or even your home after the littles are off to dream land.

No matter where you meet, God, the author of marriage beginning with Adam and Eve, will hold your hands and your hearts as you invest time into your most precious earthly relationship — your one flesh covenant of companionship. And for couples with children at home, taking time away from the demands of careers, kids, bills, chores, etc., is time well spent for the VERY BEST GIFT you give your babies are two parents who love and respect each other for as long as you both shall live.

A happy marriage translates into a happy, healthy family.

So here are some questions to consider…

On a one to ten scale — how happy are you in your marriage?

What’s good about it?

What’s not good?

Where do you need improvement?

How would you rank your emotional intimacy? 

Trust levels? 


Your friendship with your spouse?

How happy are you with your communication? Amount? Frequency? Content — logistics vs. depth and meaning?

How happy are you with your sex life?

How’s your joint spiritual life? Are you growing closer to God and each other spiritually through obedience to Him?

Are you guarding the sanctity and purity of your marriage vows?

What’s the state of your personal relationship with God? Are you spending one-on-one time with the One who loves you best of all?

How are you doing with conflict resolution? How do you avoid the edge before falling into an argument? 

How are you handling finances? 

Are you keeping work/career in balance with your home life?

What are your fears?

Are your experiencing chore wars?

In dealing with your children are you presenting a united front?

What about how you use your free time? Entertainment? Hobbies?

Are you dating each other regularly?

Are you serving others together?

Is your relationship fun?

Or are you feeling bored? Is so, why? 

What are the top three areas you would like to see improve in your marriage in 2017?

Where do you see your marriage a year from now?

Do you have a marital vision?

What kind of legacy do you hope to leave to your children?

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First Things First series, Part 1

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If you want a better marriage in the New Year resolve to do First Things First…Part One in a series

Would you agree that many of us who claim the name Christian often leave for last a foundation of first things first?

We get saved, join a church or bible study, start serving. Outwardly we assume the Christian mantle yet behind closed doors our lives and marriages lack peace and joy or maybe are complete mayhem, and we wonder why we repeat dysfunctional cycles.

We know something is wrong and we say we want to change, but our human tendency towards pleasing the self or being impatient and lazy makes us crave the easy way, the short cut. We long for instant improvement but aren’t willing to invest more than the minimum in time and effort. We seek the secret formula or a surfeit of self-help tips. But to arrive where God would have us go requires a long obedience beginning with a foundation of first things first.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. John 1:1-4

We need to understand that God loves us and longs for us. For you! And He invites us to know Him so intimately that we really will be changed, not just outwardly, but deep in the darkened chambers of our broken hearts. He calls us to come and be with Him so that we can be the man or woman — the husband or wife — that not only looks like Him, but is like Him. Behind closed doors!

God desires for us to grow up, to go way beyond repeating rote words of some sinner’s prayer, and follow His Way. It takes a moment to make a decision for Christ, but a lifetime of surrender and sacrifice to become a true disciple.

And discipleship, which makes Father’s heart smile, is the antidote to divorce when both husband and wife commit to becoming Little Christs — truly, really, deeply. For when we train ourselves up in a spirit of discipline and follow the commands of Christ day in and day out we will change over time and our marriages will get better and our babies who are always watching, listening and catching every good and bad thing that mom and dad toss their way, will grow up happier and more whole. Good seeds yielding good crops.

So with the year a clean slate, a fresh start, are you willing to commit to working towards true change in your heart and home? Will you leave behind your childish things in order to go on to full maturity? To please God more and ultimately reap the blessings of living life His way as a son or daughter disciple of God?

He has such good plans for us, desires to give us good gifts, if only we will believe God and trust that Father knows best…

Please stay tuned for the First Things First series with practical helps for deepening discipleship and by extension improving your marriage.
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Thanks be to God…My unending gratitude to Jesus…#Christmas Marriage Gratitude Dare

Merry Christmas, Darling!

And you know I would have written sooner, but I’ve been down with a terrible cold and then tried to play catch up with all the Christmas preparations. But I never stopped talking to you in my heart, Jesus, and you know I am so very grateful for you, the relationship we share and for everything you’ve ever done for me and those I love. You are my One of a kind forever Love…

At the beginning of December, I challenged all of us to complete the Christmas Marriage Gratitude Dare for our spouse. A daily listing of our thankfulness each day in December to be presented to our mate on Christmas morning in whatever creative way you chose.

Michael and I loved our gratitude gift to each other so much that he suggested we keep it up, every week, all through the year, as a way to grow in gratitude. And this is itself a gift to God that makes his heart smile.

In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

So how did you do? And how did your homemade gift from the heart impact your husband? Or wife? I’d love to know so please leave me a comment!

While under the weather the week before Christmas I managed to complete my list for my Michael, but didn’t have the energy to sit at the computer and compose this post to my Jesus. So, while it’s still the Twelve Days of Christmas, here are a few of the countless things I sincerely thank you for — My Father, my Lord Jesus, my Precious Spirit…

  1. You really love me. All the time, no matter what, like no one ever has. And all those years I went searching for love in futile, foolish ways and yet you were always here, tending the home fires, waiting for me.
  2. Forgiveness and you giving me a fresh start, more than once. 
  3. Patience when I forget and choose sin, or have repeated mistakes and gone my own way.
  4. Grace and more grace, abundant grace, always grace.
  5. You are truth.
  6. And always trustworthy.
  7. You are my hiding place.
  8. My strong tower, my refuge.
  9. My ever present help in times of trouble.
  10. You are my BFF and the lover of my soul.
  11. You keep company with me and are always courting me.
  12. You are protection and provision.
  13. You are healing and the Great Physician.
  14. I can always count on you being there for me, holding me, your presence a constant comfort.
  15. While people and things change, you are steady, solid, never shifting, my Rock.
  16. You never leave me, not physically, not emotionally, not nothing. Ever!
  17. You have made me your own, my name tattooed on the palm of your hand.
  18. You love me and will forever, with a love that is older than the stars and reaches further than our ever expanding universe.
  19. You have redeemed me, summoned me by name.
  20. I am precious and honored in your sight. 
  21. I am yours.
  22. And you are mine.
  23. And because I have you I have real life, now and always.
  24. Without fear.
  25. But with peace.
  26. And I love you, my Prince of Peace.

For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us;
And the government will rest on His shoulders;
And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6



Simply Christmas…

A tiny baby. A silent night. A cold, dark cave.



A new mother wrapping her infant in swaddling clothes and putting him down on clean hay in a feeding trough. She and her husband, barely more than children themselves, gazing in amazement at the miracle that had unfolded into their specific lives by God’s decree. Their baby boy who became a sinless man — the greatest gift EVER!


For God Himself came down to live among us. To love us up close. To teach us the way, leading to a beautiful life both here and in eternity.

So hark the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn King. May there be peace in your world as you contemplate Jesus, receive Jesus, follow Jesus.

Amidst the crush of Christmas as many have come to celebrate it — the madness of the mall, excessive spending, church pageants, cocktail parties, caroling, cantatas, cookie swaps, card writing and all the other trappings and traditions that are not in and of themselves bad, but can demand more than they are worth creating pressure-cooker stress — stop for a minute and ask yourself why? 

Why are you doing what you are doing this December?

Then still your frantic heart and reach for the gift that keeps on giving. Read the Christmas storyRead all four gospels like it was the first time. Discover who Jesus really is, how He lived, how we are to live as His followers. Let Him gift you with a revelation of Himself in a new way this Christmas, speaking specifically into your life.

And in opening this precious gift with the eyes and heart of a child, see for the first time what He has longed for you to see all along…

And there’s still time for you and/or your spouse to take the #ChristmasMarriageGratitudeDare. Simple. No expense. Yet a huge return in your spouse’s heart and in your marriage for your invest of time and love. Just. Do. It!