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Make your marriage the best it can be.

Fill your life with peace and joy.

Learn how to forgive and feel less angry.

And if the worst has happened, mentoring can help you through separation, divorce and building a new life.

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How my mentoring works…

Marriage is a gift and a blessing yet God tells us there will be troubles. Mentoring helps you bring your best self to your marriage. I’ll share wisdom-packed insights from my own good marriage along with appropriate life-changing truth from God’s word that encourages and empowers you. But I also know first-hand how awful it is to go through a divorce, especially when you have children. As a mentor and divorce and abuse survivor I help you grow beyond your pain, offering encouragement and methods that help you grieve, forgive, let go of anger and move into the next chapter of your life. In safe and confidential conversations we’ll discuss the issues facing you today. Each mentoring session gives you renewed strength that keeps you moving forward.

I’ll ask you questions, too, sometimes hard ones, that help you discover God’s plan for each step along your journey. Often we will pray together. And I’ll keep encouraging you to pursue your love relationship with God.

Mentoring sessions are conducted by phone. I offer discounted packages in addition to 20, 50 or 90 minute single sessions. Mentoring is available Mondays through Thursdays with some select Saturday afternoons. Times are by appointment.

What my clients are saying…

When my husband of 16 years told me he didn’t love me like he used to I was shocked, but Sheila  grounded me and reminded me who I am in the Lord. I was sure my spouse would come to his senses and our marriage would be restored. To the devastation of me and my children, that never happened. It’s been a painful journey, yet I found great comfort by Sheila’s godly mentoring because I didn’t know how I was going to make it as a single woman and a mother of two boys. Sheila certainly has the gift of comforting those in pain and guiding her sisters in The Lord towards forgiveness and healing. God raised her up for a time such as this! 

Each time I have been mentored by Sheila I was led from a place of despair to a place of hope; from suffering to empowerment; from feeling disconnected with God’s grace to feeling showered with God’s love. My husband’s alcoholism has broken me. I have sought help from Alanon, counseling, family and friends, all helpful, but I was often left feeling cold and alone. Sheila’s words guide me to a place of warmth and comfort. 

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30 minute session = $30 

50 minute session = $45

90 minute session = $75

I also offer custom discounted packages.
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