Sheila Kimball USE HeadshotHello friend. So glad you’ve stopped by!

I’m Sheila Kimball.

God-lover. Wife to a man who becomes more dear to my heart every day. Mom to three grown sons and one daughter-in-love. Grandma-to-be! (March 2017) Certified mentor. Certified SYMBIS facilitator. Former Celebrate Recovery group leader for women. Tea drinker. Dark chocoholic. Outdoor adventurer. Writer.

And a wounded healer who has survived divorce, abuse, family-of-origin alcoholism and the consequences of my own poor choices.

I’ve learned an awful lot along a rocky path. But by God’s grace and love I’ve been set free from a shattered beginning into a brand new present that is every bit a glorious gift!

And from the broken pieces of my life God has created a beautiful mosaic of hope, help and healing for you.

I’m so glad you’re here and invite you to join my community today.

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Who my blog can help –

As a blogger, author and mentor my words help women like you have healthier, happier marriages by understanding God’s everlasting love for each of us. And how this God-love heals wounded hearts, transforming them so they want to be good for goodness sake. His sake! And that changes marriages — both strong and struggling — and families and communities. To the glory of God.

While I primarily write for a woman’s heart, about 20% of my readers are males who tell me they benefit from my posts, too. I am glad they feel welcome here because husbands and dads provide loving leadership for the family.

Along with sharing about God ‘s love for you, and information which can build your marriage, my posts encourage survivors of abuse to seek God for complete healing — spirit, soul and body. To forgive others and yourself. To let go in order to go on into the Jeremiah 29:11-13 future that is God’s good plan for you. To be free as you fall more deeply in love with Jesus.

Women recovering from divorce, or struggling with single parenting or the empty nest, also find solace in my stories and inspiration to carry on as I share from the heart as one who has been there, done that and survived to tell about it.

And I am here to cheer you on in your journey!


What I blog about –

Marriage — both wonderful ones and those that are wounded. About the overwhelming joy that a marriage in Christ brings and about how much more difficult marriage and life is when we don’t allow God to be Lord of all. How truly making Jesus the most important Man in your life and letting His love fill you completely has a powerful, positive impact on you, your marriage and those you love leaving a legacy that can empower for generations to come.

Healing — from past wounds that began in childhood, and present day hurts; or domestic spousal abuse; and recovering from divorce or searching for love in all the wrong places. How choosing to forgive and receiving God’s forgiveness sets you free. How changing your thoughts brings healing and adds joy to your days. How surrender and submission to God brings the life you long for.

Parenting — At times I share encouragement and inspiration based on my past experiences as a single mom for many years, and now as a woman who has transitioned through the empty nest, dried her tears and moved into a new stage of life filled with passion and purpose both in my marriage and ministry.

Why I write –


Love of God. Love for you. Love writing.

It’s my passion to share that God loves you, longs for a relationship with you, can heal your heart and set you free from whatever holds you back whether you are a lifelong Christian or someone with lots of questions about God.

As you grow in God’s love and learn to love your spouse and others really, truly well your marriage grows, your life changes for the better. More joy. More peace. And marriage reveals God’s glory in a beautiful and mysterious way that can draw others to Him.

Another way my words help  —USE A IMG_3108 I  offer Mentoring for Women Only, to help you navigate and heal the rough patches in your life and relationships through a one on one, confidential conversation where I listen to your heart, pray with you, share from my own experiences and guide you with God’s word. I’m only a phone call away. You can find all the details about Sheila Kimball Mentoring and request a session here.

And then there’s my book — Heart Cry: 40 Reflections for a Woman’s Soul is based in the Psalms, a book in the Bible that helped me not only survive the dark seasons but emerge from them victorious. If you or someone you know is walking through a chapter of hurt, loss or fear from divorce, abuse, broken relationships or one’s own poor choices, this book will provide encouragement. You can purchase a copy of Heart Cry today by clicking here.

About my marriage and family –

 A miracle in the making.

Our marriage is a example of God’s tenderhearted and amazing grace after years of pain, loss, abuse, guilt, shame, fear, bad choices and more than one divorce each.

My Michael and I are grateful for another chance to do marriage His way for there is hope after divorce.

We exchanged vows on a lovely July morning after only 47 days of getting to know each other within the boundaries of a God-honoring relationship, a blessed first for both of us and so worth the wait! And it was through letters that we fell in love; two writers with many words to share.

Granted, it may sound crazy for a couple in their fifties — or perhaps anyone for that matter — to elope so quickly but we had a sure sense of God’s direction and a strong peace in moving forward. God’s fingerprints were evident in how all the details leading up to our union fell easily into place, providing confirmation all along the way.

And in a private, meaningful ceremony in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, we became one. Husband and wife in Christ.

As God has and continues to bring wholeness through holiness into our own hearts our marriage grows sweeter and stronger. Joyful moments shared and memories made weave us together snugly. Every conflict resolved deepens our intimacy with each other.

Michael and I work from home so we are together almost all the time. We begin each day in God’s word and then we pray. We enjoy reading aloud to each other, both novels and books on marriage. We share healthy meals and chores and love and life. We laugh and sometimes fight. Traveling and discovering quaint and charming tucked-away towns is a passion we hold dear. Long walks in the woods or at the shore, one of our very favorite places, is something we love.

We value our marriage and seek to protect and invest in it to make it the best it can be.  We most admire and appreciate in each other our mutual commitment to God and our marriage, and our desire daily to learn to love each other more sacrificially and unconditionally. That and possessing a pair of teachable spirits inside two sometimes strong willed partners!

And this union we share spills over into the lives of my three sons.

For many years I raised my babies as a single mom. Just the four of us in that old house up on the hill. And my boys grew into men one moment at a time with some days easy and others hard as we shared laughter and losses. I made mistakes and humbly asked forgiveness. But God! Because Jesus was Husband and Father in our home we made it through. Grace! I never could have done any of it without Him. Today my sons are grown, pursing educations, careers, and lives of their own.


And I finally got a girl!

My daughter-in-love (center) joined our family when my oldest took a bride several years ago. These days some of my kids live close though others are far away. Each approaches God and life in their own unique way and He who began the good work in their hearts is faithful. We spend as much time together as possible, thankful for every moment. And they are always in my heart, covered with a mother’s prayers, no matter where they may roam.

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