Make your marriage a gift! Take the #ChristmasMarriageGratitudeDare…


My beloved is mine and I am his…Song of Solomon 2:16

Days go by. Seasons change. And soon we find ourselves at Christmas once again, gift list in hand and wrapping paper and ribbons at the ready. Yet I’ve heard people say Christmas is routine. Or even a humbug. Seems they’ve grown weary and perhaps can’t see the star that shines in their darkness.

And in marriage days go by, seasons change and wedding anniversaries roll round again. With the passing of time, though, is our marriage becoming more precious? Or have visions of returning the gift of our spouse danced in our heads?!

Heaven forbid. Because even in those moments when marriage seems boring, cold, or currently hard, it is still a gift from above to assuage the utter loneliness of man and woman.JESUS

Marriage is a gift from God for as long as we both shall live

No matter how long we’ve walked side by side with our spouse if we choose to view marriage with the eyes of a child at Christmas we’ll be full of eager expectation, bubbling with joy, brimming gratitude and running over with hope that makes our heart happy and our marriage stronger. And like our relationship with God through Jesus, marriage is a gift that we constantly unwrap, discovering anew its hidden or long-forgotten treasures. Yet in marriage we must be mindful that it is fragile and needs to be handled with care.

And because it is better to give than to receive, as we give ourselves in marriage — which can mean repenting of pride, selfishness, greed, laziness, lust and other Grinch-like qualities — and put our partner first, we transform the perception of our union, becoming more appreciative for all the good and the not-so-good moments that comprise a marriage for a lifetime.

Saying thank you daily to our spouse — a dusty, frail human like us — and to Father, the author of this magical blessing unlike any other even — can increase the happiness quotient of our marriage.

And ease those times of overcoming obstacles in marriage — whether health, financial or two sinful natures vying with each other for control — yielding more tenderness, love and beauty.DARE

So here’s the dare

We all want peace and joy, hope and love and all things Christmas-y in our marriages not just during Advent and the Twelve Days, but for all the days of our life as man and wife.

So no matter how you’re feeling in this moment, or how busy you are with preparations for the holiday {and surely that includes time with Father preparing your heart} I now dare you to choose to nurture the gift of your marriage by recording your gratitude for your mate for at least the next 24 days.

Keep a running gratitude list of all the wonderful things that makes your husband or wife incredibly unique. Include all the big and little things he or she does for you and your family. Silly things. Serious things. Whatever comes to mind. Make your list and check it twice through prayer that will open your heart to appreciate your spouse more than ever.

Write your gratitudes on snippets of paper — day by day till Christmas. Make it fancy or plain, red or green. Be creative or not.

Just make sure to fill those snippets with words from your heart, truthful and real. Pour out your gratitude like never before.

Slip them silently into your spouse’s stocking when he or she isn’t looking. Remind them no peeking allowed!

Gifting your spouse in this simple, profound way will impact their heart long after the last decoration is packed away, helping make your union stronger and sweeter.

Head over now to Sheila Kimball Facebook page and let me know you’re in! by leaving a comment or visit Twitter and use the hashtag #ChristmasMarriageGratitudeDare.

Please let’s share this post! because what spouse doesn’t want to know how much they are appreciated and loved! And our world needs more gratitude and love at Christmas and everyday!

Seal it with a kiss

As you give of yourself this way, offering your gratitudes humbly, take joy on Christmas morning gazing into the eyes of the child of God who is your better half, both of you blessed by the beloved gift that is marriage.

And don’t forget to kiss under the mistletoe…

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18 thoughts on “Make your marriage a gift! Take the #ChristmasMarriageGratitudeDare…

  1. What a great idea, Sheila! My energy levels (and other necessary things to do) might not allow for a daily participation but I will take on the spirit of this challenge as far as I am able to. I love this original take on gifting to our closest beloved one here, to sow into their lives in a positive way. It will help us to develop a heart full of gratitude for the gift our spouse truly is to us. Bless you, friend! 🙂 x

    • Awww Joy you are such a dear heart! Bless you! We each do whatever we can…this Dare is def a NO Pressure Zone thing. It’s really just a way to help us stop amidst the busyness of daily life — during Christmas and beyond — and give thanks. So thanks for taking the time to leave your sweet words. Blessing and hugs!

  2. Such an awesome idea, Sheila! I love how you compared our marriages to the joy and excitement of Christmas morning. The same is true in our relationships with the Lord. If we approached our marriages with the same child-like eager anticipation of unwrapping precious gifts, we would experience greater appreciation for our spouses! Thanks for the challenge!

  3. Sheila, this is exactly what I am going to do! What a wonderful idea. It is so easy to forget the good in the midst daily grind. I love your heart for intention…you should share on Fresh Market Friday Linkup, where we write about being intentional in our life to build a legacy of hope. So glad I found your blog!

  4. Thank you for this terrific reminder of gratitude for marriage during the holidays. My husband is my haven when stress and demands are high. His comfort helps me to be more joyful in the simple moments and not just wait for the “grand finale”. I’m accepting your dare and visiting from Holley’s.

  5. Hello, Sheila! I love this idea. My mind is bubbling with fun ideas. Since Chuck and I celebrate our second anniversary on December 27, this could be an anniversary gift for him, as well.

    You always put such a positive spin on things. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

    • Crystal! That’s so very kind of you. Thank you. I am honored you selected the #ChristmasMarriageGratitudeDare as your feature. I will make time to visit your site a little later as I am on deadline with another writing project. Thanks again and hugs to you!!