A brand new marriage…

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Two months ago today this beautiful couple joined lives and began the most wonderful of journeys. Missionaries in Costa Rica, they have hearts that beat hard for each other but harder for God. And when two entwine as one in One the whole world becomes a little bit brighter. 


Because God makes two people perfectly for each other. A suitable bride and groom whose imperfections help each other grow into a strong husband and wife, making the union unbreakable.

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And a marriage is so much more than the wedding day for side by side you begin a lifelong dance when you utter “I do” that will reveal the magic that is marriage in all its for better and for worse moments. Each day, not just your anniversary, is reason to celebrate as you navigate through life together.


The unexpected arrives amidst the marital mundane in multiple ways, good and bad, when it is least expected. Unless your purpose to be alert each day you might get swept away in a deluge of emotion when something you did not plan happens. So stay awake and continually practice constructive and deep thinking, asking God for grace. Especially before you speak! And extra especially during a surprise event. Because marriage is filled with life’s tender joys as well as searing sadness. Embrace the joy through gratitude and together find the nuggets of gold in your marriage even on stressful days that are buried deep in a mountain of challenges.


Him for her and her for him. Hold each other’s hand, and lend a helping hand, and always cheer each other on. Be his or her number one fan for as long as you both shall live and strive to outdo each other only in kindness, patience, generosity and love. Remember that marriage is not a competition, but rather a cooperative collaboration.

Best friends forever!

Protect your marriage and cherish it for it is a precious gift to help assuage inherant human loneliness. Be there for each other in countless ways big and small. Choose to put the other before yourself. Make zero-tolerance for selfishness one of your marriage mantras. 



There is so much in marriage that is pure fun from lovely dating adventures, to laughing over silly stuff, to passionate love making. Indulge those pleasures, they are gifts from God. Balance all the hard work that is part and parcel of life and marriage by committing to having fun — for no other reason than FUN itself — all along the way. Life can be a battle so lighten the load on yourself and your mate by laughing more than frowning. Trusting God more than fearing.


Ever single day that a husband and wife are blessed to share is an opportunity to grow more like God. To seek maturity. To bless the socks off each other. To strengthen devotion. To get to know your spouse in a way no one else ever will. May love grow deeper, truer and more real in all the years yet to come as you daily discover all that there is to know in this one unique and precious person to whom you have promised your life — whether you are newlyweds or celebrating your Golden Anniversary!

Marriage is a gift. Unwrap it with great care day by day…

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Photo Credit: The bride’s brother! For information about his work, visit Nathaniel’s Photography.

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