An open letter from a mother-in-law’s heart…To my girl on her birthday


It’s your birthday, my dearest daughter-in-love —


We celebrate you today!

And the rare and precious treasure you are to each of us in this family. You are a poem being written day by day, line by line as you live and breathe and make your mark upon the world, beginning with your husband.

Sharing your heart for helping others and righting injustices. Offering a bold determination that perseveres, overcoming obstacles to success, yet with a heart as soft as a kitten’s furry tummy.

We are grateful to God that He has made you a part of all our lives, especially my son’s.

And did I know then?

In those days so long ago, those days of small,when he was very little and I held him close to my breast. In those days so faraway fleeting, when I knelt in the dark and prayed?

Prayed for you, a little girl somewhere out there in all the vastness of this hard, cold yet incredibly beautiful world. The one girl that God was growing into the perfect mate for my son? And him for you.


Did I know then?

In those days now a mere memory. In those days that seemed as endless as summer and were just as short and sweet. How my heart would open wide one day. How my heart would reach its arms out to you. My first-born daughter-in-love. The girl I waited for through three sons. Woman grown and growing whose heart my son has captured.

Did I know then?

How my heart would need you because you are you even though you never shared my womb. How welcoming a daughter-in-law to the family circle would be as real as bringing home a pink bundle from the hospital. Excitement and wonder over God’s sweet gift of woman, wife, daughter?

Did I know then?

How desperately I would come to love you as my own? How tears would flood my eyes from a mother’s heart ever enlarging. How my own woman’s heart would long to share stories that only women can relate to. And hopes and dreams particular to the feminine heart. And maybe even someday to make that cheesecake from scratch with you?

You are a part of me and I am a part of you for as long as we both shall live.

God bless you today and may this day of your birth usher in a life that you can’t even dream of in this moment, yet is better than all the dreams from all the ages from all the times of eternity.


Every good and perfect gift is from above…
James 1:17

You are our gift and you are loved!

Happy Blessed Birthday, dear girl of mine…

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