“There came a woman…” Words for the wife, mother, or any woman who struggles to follow Jesus


There came a woman with an alabaster vial of very costly perfume of pure nard and she broke the vial and poured it over His head…
Mark 14:4

Maybe you’re a wife and mother or an empty nester with a retired husband. Or perhaps you’re in a corner office leveraging multi-million dollar deals. Maybe you’re all these things and just trying to hold on and make life work.

Wherever we women find ourselves and whatever our current role in life may be, let’s live it out regally with all our soul and mind and strength for this one glorious, messy life is not a dress rehearsal.

It’s the real thing full of salty tears and laughter loud and moments good and bad, all of which leave their mark. And we will be salted with fire so that we may become salt that purifies self from its own ambitions and vain attempts at making life work on self-terms. And salt makes others thirsty and that’s when we can lead them to water which is full of life for all the living and is the Word of God.

And in the fullness of time at the end of all our days, we want to be remembered for having lived a life that pleased and honored God in every way, don’t we?

A life of steady obedience and radical love that will take us to the outermost limits of who we think we are and towards becoming who He wants us to be. Then we will shine like the stars in heaven, our little lights reflecting a big God, illuminating the way to freedom for others.

But we will only get to where He wants us to go to the extent that we are devoted to Him.


Adoring Him with love patient and kind and pouring ourselves out as a fragrant offering long remembered. And when there comes a woman such as this — a living, breathing example of the softness and the strength of Father — who obeys and follows and looks and sounds like Jesus many more times than she does not — then the lives around her are in a position to be influenced for great good.

For she has come into the midst of them, those who love her and even those who seem like they don’t much care about her, bearing a fragrant force that envelopes like a cloud, leading as a pillar by day. And she won’t be fussing and striving and trying, all frenzied or fuming.

She will be at peace like a calm pool of water that reflects back a serene image to heaven.

Quiet, gentle example of her life invites without suffocating, proceeding forward one day at a time without her getting exhausted in her own strength always failing. She accepts who she is in God — beloved daughter sought after and won over, a princess warrior, a royal priestess — and in accepting who she is in Him she finds serenity and sanity that surpasses all understanding for it is the peace of Christ who understood that only One was good and that is God and Jesus did everything the way He saw His Father doing it.

No longer does this woman ride the merry-go-round of madness and mania which has a way of making those she loves insane, too. She has stopped doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results that never come because she has finally discovered the answer to all her longings and problems and relational difficulties, the traumas past and the future fears imagined, the crazy thoughts spinning and the words gushing as if they weren’t being heard in Heaven. As if they weren’t hurting those hearing them here on earth.


And the answer is simply,

Come. Follow Me…
Mark 1:17

But she has made the following hard all these years because she isn’t!

She thinks she is following Jesus because maybe she leads the woman’s bible study or has 100 verses memorized each month and while those are good works her heart is working wrong as it runs away with self. And her marriage suffers and her children, too. She keeps asking God for a break, for His favor, forgetting that while He does indeed rain on all, He blesses obedience.

Obedience to the commands of Christ.

Following Jesus means obeying God in the big and little aspects of life. It is doing as Jesus did. And thinking like Him and speaking like him and knowing when to be quiet and listen so that the still small voice can be heard above the constant drone of her days that this is the way to walk, precious daughter dearly loved.

The way of the cross.

And the cross means sacrifice and laying aside her own internal demands that make her feel a little better in the short term but do such long term damage that it may take years to unravel for bad seeds planted produce a bigger crop than one ever expects. She grows discouraged and the enemy lies saying she will never change because she just. keeps. failing.

 Truth says she can become like Christ truly, really, and deeply by the grace of God which is there for her in abundance if only she will believe.

And in her belief, obey. No matter what the voices stirring inside may tell her she will begin to live truly believing and truly following until her heart is absolutely convinced that she is indeed a daughter-disciple who conquers the sin in herself by grace, who repeatedly takes the hard high road of putting God first and others before herself. She chooses to surrender and submit her rowdy will to her Father’s perfect will, sending away her sin just like Jesus did when He died on the cross for her with all His eternal love bleeding out. There is life all shiny new in that precious blood.


She has stopped all her running in circles and talking forever and has quieted her soul and is choosing to deny her sinful, selfish wants and discipline herself until she really is a disciple. She summons up all the strength that God bestows with mercies new each morning and makes herself do. the. right. thing. until doing the right thing is as much a natural part of her as is her breathing.

And the road is narrow with only the most devoted believers finding it and then following it, one day at a time for the rest of their days. But there’s power in the blood and once washed clean by it only her feet need be bathed as she sits at His feet.

The fragrance of this one life of her’s poured out for Him causes the Lover of her soul to smile and there finally comes a woman whose life fragrance is enticing and winsome to all around her. She has broken the alabaster jar of her past way of living sinful and pours out her all obediently.

Becoming who she is meant to be as she comes to Jesus and simply follows…

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6 thoughts on ““There came a woman…” Words for the wife, mother, or any woman who struggles to follow Jesus

  1. Thanks for sharing these important truth, Sheila. We too often get caught up in the web of trying to do everything, and do it perfectly, when Jesus just wants us to follow him as we are, into wherever he wants to lead us.

    • That’s why I write, Jodi. First to help clarify things to my heart and then for you and all my readers. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your encouragement means a lot!! Blessings…