You don’t have to walk on eggshells…Domestic Violence Awareness podcast plus FREE mentoring session


Once upon a nightmare, I was in an abusive marriage.

And I learned the hard way that abusers very rarely change yet their actions produce powerful changes in their victims. 

From confident to intimidated.

Happy to sad.

Outgoing and social to reclusive and withdrawn.

And sometimes from alive to dead.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that three women are killed every day in the United States by a current or former intimate partner. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention each year 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner.

As a survivor of a courts-cops-orders-of-protection second marriage, I encourage you to take the steps necessary to get help for yourself and your children if you are living with an abuser. Links to previous October posts about my past experiences are at the end of this post.


But the story I speak today is an encouragement to break free of any abusive situation. A deeply heart-felt account, I wrote this as an open letter to you and all women everywhere who have or are suffering abuse.

For a free transcript of today’s podcast, CLICK HERE.

Abuse in any form is dangerous and God doesn’t want anyone to remain in an abusive situation.

If you need help call the National Domestic Violence Hotline now 

I got out and so can you!!

And may God be with you and your children…

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4 thoughts on “You don’t have to walk on eggshells…Domestic Violence Awareness podcast plus FREE mentoring session

    • When I was in an abusive marriage I did not feel strong at all, Lindsey. I felt very small and very scared but thankfully had supportive Christian friends who spoke strongly about the truth of my situation and helped me to get out. And it took a long, long time before I truly felt peaceful and happy again because going through a divorce and recovering from it is no easy thing even when it must be done 🙁 But today my life and new marriage are truly gifts from God that I never would have experienced had I not gotten out of a very unsafe marriage, and I am a proponent of marriage for life! Blessings and hugs!!

    • Hello Melanie — Thank you for your sweet words. Yes, God has taken all the pain and transformed it into something that is helping other women and it brings me to tears to think how very kind He is to me in allowing me to not only survive but now thrive and go forward with a message to set other women and marriages free. Bless His Name. And thanks much for sharing on Pinterest. Bless you and hugs!!