Announcing my 1st audio podcast “Let Go of Your Grudge” …


I know what it’s like to be hurt so badly you think you’ll never again smile with your whole heart. But I’ve also learned that by obeying God and choosing to forgive you’ll find the way to serenity, joy and love.

Because nursing that grudge you’ve held onto forever will NEVER EVER make your life better.

God has forgiven you and you long for a life of peace that spills over into a happier marriage and healthier family. Unforgiveness and resentment are unrelenting jailers but you hold the key to freedom. 

And today, in my first-ever audio podcast are seven tips on letting go of your grudge. 


If you would rather read the tips, please scroll below.MENTORING TREE SUN

Sheila Kimball Mentoring can help you let go your your grudge…

1. Understand that your resentment is a replay of past chaos and drama in your life.

2. Accept that you are powerless to change the past or another person.

3. Identify the words, actions or thoughts that provoke you to negative responses and choose to HALT especially when you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired.

4. Affirm your true power. God will help you can let go of this grudge and be free to live a much happier, healthier life with a more satisfying marriage and better relationships.

5. Admit to God and a trusted other that you have held onto your grudge for far too long and then receive God’s forgiveness for the hardness of your own heart.

6. Forgive your offender by understanding that you are forgiven by God. Forgive as a choice and over time, with prayer, your heart will heal, become strong and the pain you feel now will leave. 

7. Practice “forgetfulness.” While you never truly forget past hurts you can choose to think differently by changing your thoughts to something better thereby avoiding the repetitive cycle that keeps you trapped.

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For all the details on Sheila Kimball Mentoring click HEREMy one-on-one mentoring leads women through the process of forgiving and letting go of bitterness and resentment after divorce, abuse or other family or relationship dysfunctions in a caring, confidential way. I also work with single moms, empty nest moms and women in other life transitions.

But don’t take my word about mentoring, read what some of my clients have to say:

When my husband of 16 years told me he didn’t love me like he used to I was shocked, but Sheila  grounded me and reminded me who I am in the Lord. It’s been a painful journey, yet I find great comfort by Sheila’s godly mentoring because I didn’t know how I was going to make it as a single woman and a mother of two boys. Sheila certainly has the gift of comforting those in pain and guiding her sisters in The Lord towards forgiveness and healing. God raised her up for a time such as this! 


Each time I have been mentored by Sheila I was led from a place of despair to a place of hope; from suffering to empowerment; from feeling disconnected with God’s grace to feeling showered with God’s love.

Isn’t it time for you to start living the life you dream of…

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21 thoughts on “Announcing my 1st audio podcast “Let Go of Your Grudge” …

  1. Congratulations, Sheila! The podcast sounds terrific and you sound very natural. Great job! I encourage you to do more. I like #1-that resentment comes when we replay the drama and chaos! So true! Great tips.

    • Thanks so much, Mary, for taking the time to listen and comment and for such kind and encouraging words. Yes…we keep resentments alive by feeding them from the leftover pickings of a past that is gone. Hugs to you!!

  2. Super podcast, Sheila! You were born for this … your voice, your confidence, your sensitivity, your healing, your wisdom comes through loud and clear.

    You go, girl!! Just fabulous!


    • Awwww, Linda. Your sweet and encouraging words bring tears to my eyes. I’ve come a long way and YOU were part of that! Blessings and hugs to you out there on the beautiful, wind swept Cape. We spent a few days in Maine last week for my birthday. We just cant get enough of the sea and shore either…Hugs!!

  3. Great job, Sheila! 🙂 What a great topic to start on as well! I hope you “go gang-busters” with your new podcasts! Praying for your ministry to thrive and grow, girlfriend!

  4. Wonderful hearing a voice 🙂 All 7 thoughts are very helpful, and needed, when forgiving & letting go of a grudge. May God use you to help many to move past resentments & find healing. Blessings!

  5. Oh Sheila, this is so awesome! I’m so excited about how GOD is using you through your mentoring program. I know that you will do great things for HIM and for all that have the benefit and pleasure of working with you. You are an incredible light, beautiful friend. Keep radiantly shining! Love you! Peace and many many blessings to you, Love! 🙂

  6. Wow, Sheila! How great to hear your voice. Such great, practical tips. Very succinct. Forgiveness is one of our family themes. My husband wrote a dissertation about it! Blessings on your ministry.

  7. Congrats on your first pod cast!
    You have such a sweet sounding voice and what a great message! Forgiveness is so powerful. It releases us to live above the hurts and causes us to praise God and shine His light into this dark world. No wonder satan works so hard to keep us in an unforgiving prison.

    God bless.

    • Thank you, Kia. I pray often that God would use the words He gives me to help set others free and heal their hearts and marriages. Thanks so much for stopping by with your sweet dose of encouragement. Hugs!!