Do you really understand God’s grace of forgiveness?


Does forgiving others when they hurt us come more easily when we are able to readily accept God’s forgiveness of our own sins?

When we rightly view God’s grace as it covers our faults?

When we rest in a love so deep and divine and all encompassing that nothing — not our most heinous of sins — will ever separate us from it?

Because if we truly get God’s grace of forgiveness — down deep into our hearts and minds until it permeates every single cell of our souls — we will fill with grace and love as our hearts grow, pains diminish and we see our “offenders” covered with the same grace-robe that God draws over each of us in all our beauty and ugliness.

For God is love.

And love is patient.


And God’s patience with us extends day by day and each one a thousand years in the making and Him creating everything in aeons of six days and working creatively in us until that day we receive a white stone. And He is never in a hurry.

Yet we so often are. We fall from grace — perhaps repeating angry words or actions that we believed were far gone from our souls, yet they rear ugly when we least expect it and we are floored that we failed in that same old, same old way.

But God.

He is not surprised and with a tender gentle patience He picks us up into Fatherly arms that do not fly into a rage and beat us with the switch. He prunes, but never punishes, and Father-heart words soothe our sadness when He says,

Yes, you failed, falling from love and obedience like before. But look here. Will you see how far along the healing road you are? Will you discern that your failures are less and less frequent? I AM your Father and I AM pleased with every progress you make day by day. So receive Me and My forgiveness, full of grace and love. Allow your heart and mind to self-forgive. Then let go. Leave it behind. Look ahead of you — where you are going not where you have been. To the future and beyond where I AM already and where I see you victorious. So keep walking forward. Forget the former things. I AM making you and all things new, moment by moment.

You are not a hypocrite for failing, my Child, you are my student-disciple. And I AM training you up in the way that you should go. Your failures, however costly, are valuable lessons of love where you learn through sinful stumbling and sickening sorrows that you are and ever will be my dearly beloved no matter that you are also sorely imperfect. I AM not the stern Father who berates, shames and punishes for anything less than your gold-star performance. I AM your Father and I AM homeschooling you and college tuition is expensive.

Forever I AM your’s and you are Mine and I love you no matter what. And always will…


These thoughts sink into my soul. May they seep into your’s, too.

Never should we lightly receive His grace when we do wrong. We must be humbly contrite, allowing the piercing pain of our badness at failing our Father and hurting His heart — Him who desperately loves His precious prodigals no matter they sometimes leave Him to dally in dusky shadows. Letting love carve away the sin sickness that steals the very life from our beating hearts. Hearts that God wants pulsing for and with Him, covered with the blood gift setting us free.

And in this great love and grace of forgiveness we must choose obedience which is His love language and repent, turning away from sin to go in the right direction towards home.

The Greek word … (for repentance) is made up of two words, the conjoint meaning of which is, a change of mind or thought. There is in it no intent of, or hint at sorrow or shame…it is a sending away of sins…Both God and man send away sins, but in the one case God sends away the sins of the man, and in the other the man sends away his own sins…The change must be one of will and conduct — a radical change of life on the part of the man: he must repent — that is, change his mind — not to a different opinion, not even to a mere betterment of his conduct — not to anything less than a sending away of his sins…
~George MacDonald, The Hope of the Gospel, “The Remission of Sins”

You open your heart and I’ll open mine and grace will flow way down deep to where bone meets marrow and the transfusion needed becomes the transformation true of the fulfillment of originating thoughts that Father had of us at the moment of conception.

Twinkling-of-an-eye moment where He thought of you, me, all of us, for good.

Precious moment of grace…

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