When you feel like giving up…8 tips to help you cope plus a free mentoring session

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Dear Precious You —

You’re not feeling very precious today, are you? Not feeling valued, respected or loved? With dark circles and worry lines you’re overwrought and dangling at the end of your rope. And from the darkness that cloaks you like a shroud, a little voice shouts big time.

Give up. Nobody cares. Not even God.

And you’re ready to throw in the towel, forgetting Truth that has sustained you during a lifetime of hard knocks because you’re soul-parched in the desert and you’ve done this God-thing for as long as you can remember yet your life keeps turning up empty. Discouragement is your unwelcome companion and her evil twin Despair is knocking hard on the back door.

But don’t let her in!

Bolt the door shut. Run to the nearest window and pull back the heavy curtains so the sun shines one more time into your black hole-corner of the world. Even though every fiber of your being is believing that the multiple messes of your life will never get sorted out and that you don’t matter,

A better day is coming.

So hold on! Resist the devilish demands on your soul that urge you to turn away from God. May it never be so no matter how hard, dark, painful and awful your life may get.

Dear Precious You, you are yet breathing, however frantically, and that means there is hope because there is life and life is sacred and there is a purpose to your pain and God truly, really is working all things for good.

And sometimes — and I know this from personal experience — the good that comes from the bad is not in the changing of the circumstances so much as it is the forging of your character more Christlike. And this may be hard to accept until surrender is complete and your hands open wide and you let Him sweep you off your feet so He can hold you closer than His heartbeat which never stops pulsing with this awesome, never ending love for you.

No matter how dark your days may be now, there is always hope and hope is spelled Jesus who showed us the Father with whom nothing is impossible. 

So please pour yourself a cup of tea and read Psalm 23.
But don’t just read the words and run. Sit with the verses and inhale them because your life depends on His truth especially when the enemy of your soul — who seeks to crush the last breath from your lungs — is breathing heavy down your back.

Take a little walk to boost your endorphins.
And when you’re out walking, even if rain is falling, look up and all around you. Creation is calling to your soul. Let it’s magnificence soothe you, helping to release your troubles. Imagine they are like dandelion seeds blowing on the breeze or pebbles you toss into a pond, watching them vanish.

Soak in a hot tub.
An intriguing novel can take you away from the crushing realities for a little while offering respite as your toes prune and you turn the pages and maybe nibble a little dark chocolate?

And finally, take a nap.
In the midst of the fray sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is sleep which revitalizes in a way that is pure holiness. Curl up next to your Father and feel His strong arms encircle you tenderly as you drift off. 

When you arise, precious, beautiful, sweet You, open your Bible and think on this verse…


But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

While it’s okay to feel positively awful at times when life overwhelms and nothing seems to change, remember that God will bring you through the thorns into a land flowing with milk and honey and sunshine that warms your face and makes you smile.

So in this moment yet dim speak out your praise for He is a wonderful and wonder-filled God.

Sit down with paper and pen and set the buzzer for 10 minutes. Write out all the ugly that’s going on in and around you. When the buzzer rings, stop and rip those words to shreds.

Set the buzzer for another 10 minutes and write down all the things you are grateful for in your life at this moment. You may think that in your current circumstances you have nothing to be thankful for but there are innumerable gifts if you set your mind and heart to find them.

Like oxygen and lungs that work. A roof over your head. The meal you recently consumed. A ray of sunshine pouring into your living room with countless little dust bunnies dancing within. Eyes that see and allow you to read this post. People in your life who love you. That silly little dog that runs to the curb when you walk by shaking his tail like you’re his long lost owner and he can’t wait to jump into your arms and lick your face.


See how it works? You write down one thing and others start popping up in front of you and before you realize the buzzer rings but your fingers keep flying because there is just so much beauty to be thankful for that you could fill a thousand pages.

Research shows that writing down what you’re thankful for will make you more optimistic, feeling better about your life.

And God, who will never abandon you, with all His good gifts and His love everlasting, will lift you on the wings of the wind until you rise high above what your eyes see and your heart feels in this present darkness.

And you will fill with the light of glory that carries you through…

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5 thoughts on “When you feel like giving up…8 tips to help you cope plus a free mentoring session

  1. Sheila, this is a beautiful post full of wisdom. Perspective is something we need so much yet lose so easily. Your practical suggestions are helpful for regaining a bit of perspective. Life really can look different after a nap, or a soak in the tub, and especially after time in God’s Word.