We’re leaving today! And leaving you with your top 10 all-time favorite posts…


We’re absconding! Our flight leaves this morning for Seattle. Closing the miles that separate to share life with two of our favorite people.

My son and his lovely lady.

They’ve got a week planned for us with hiking and biking and taking in the glorious Pacific Northwest sites. And all of us agreeing we just want to exhale together and savor the week as slowly as we can. And this mama praying time stands still.

My first trip all the way to the West Coast is also the first time in a year since I have seen Ben or Kimmi. So to say I am excited is a bit of an understatement!! I’ll also be meeting blogger friend Yolanda Perry who I connected with on Twitter a few months ago. A gifted writer and godly soul her site is well worth your time.

Since my computer is staying home this week I won’t be online much but please check my Facebook page for updates and photos from our trip! We arrive in Seattle today at 3 p.m. New York time. Prayers appreciated for traveling mercies and our time with family.

While I’m away from my desk I’m leaving you with ten all-time reader favorites. Your favorite posts!

And sending you my gratitude for regularly reading my words, sending me emails and leaving comments that encourage my heart to keep writing. For those of you who have moved out of the shadows of social media and into the light of friendship across the miles. For all the prayers you send my way. Bless your hearts, my friends — those I know and those who only know me through my posts. And please watch for a new post by September 12.


And now this mama is off with hundreds of hugs stored up and waiting…

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Your top 10 all-time favorite blog posts:

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2 thoughts on “We’re leaving today! And leaving you with your top 10 all-time favorite posts…

  1. Oh how lovely for you, Sheila! Sending a hug across the miles. Now go hug that boy and his beautiful lady hard as can be! You deserve no less than a soul satisfying break and some needful time out. We’ll still be here waiting for your return. Blessings and love. Xx <3