When wandering thoughts fan the flame of the past your marriage can get scorched…


Maybe it’s the summer breeze. A certain song. Or a photo we didn’t realize was tucked away in an box on the back of a closet shelf.

Immediately we’re somewhere else. Long ago and far away. Another lifetime. A time when perhaps we thought life would wind up differently than it has.

And if we are not standing guard our minds start wandering.

And in the land of what if’s regrets are like detour signs in a downpour. Murky in their obscurity and we get lost in the dark of what is now over and done because the wandering path is a slippery one.

Causing many to fall.

So we must be careful not to fall for the past’s seductive siren call that sounds and feels so good only to reel us in and swallow us alive.

And maybe take our marriage with it.

For when we choose to wander in the past, taking one step after another away from our current reality, we put all that we hold dear in the present moment at dangerous peril and …

Today I am sharing the rest of my story on my friend
Ashley Hale’s site: Circling the Story: Life Mundane & Glorious.

Please click over now and join me there. I’d love to have you come by and leave a comment.


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