The powerful impact of telling your husband he’s your hero especially in tough times…


Every man needs his wife’s genuine support because you are his number one cheerleader, the one person in all the world whose view of him means the most. And has the most impact. Especially when crisis strikes.

No matter the circumstances he needs you in his corner now more than ever because he is your husband, life partner, lover, forever friend.

And he needs to know he is still your hero.

The one you look up to. The one you depend on and trust with your very life even when waves toss you hard. And your words of encouragement and acts of kindness and patience during the rough seas of life can serve as his life-giving life preserver.

He is my husband. He rescued me from a lonely half-life filled with longing for a special someone. He has taken me as his bride, for better, for worse, for everything in between. He has given me his name. He tells me I’m his missing rib. And he makes me smile when he says I’m his once-in-a-lifetime love. His heart beats with mine and we share a marriage bed. He brings missing colors long absent to the canvas of my life. He whispers sweet somethings meant only for me, quickening my pulse, making my heart skip a beat. And he keeps me close by his side till the dark surrenders to the sun. Is it all a dream?

Feeling your respect, love and support comes easily when all is well and you’re floating on a dreamy, romantic cloud. But love, true love, is lived in the shadowlands. In trenches deep, dirty and tiring. And sometimes you’ll cry and bleed. But it is here, when the chips are down, that you prove your mettle as a wife. It is here your own character grows as you see beyond the current realities of whatever life presses against the two of you. It is here that your can learn to love like God loves.

He is my husband. He takes my hand and leads me into the wonder of this life together so gloriously messy. Ever my protector and provider. And his husband heart, tender strong, fills daily with the love of God. Laying it all down, he teaches me what it means to be like Jesus. With sacrifices of kindness and loving deferment to the other. He covers me with his prayers and follows harder after God than ever before. And he utters words my heart once wished upon a star to hear. You are wanted, you are valued, you are mine. With his every word, every prayer, every touch, I am healing. My husband. My hero.

And the sun keeps rising and the sun keeps setting, and life swirls all around for good and for bad. Sometimes pulling the rug out from under you causing you to gasp for air wondering how it will all work out. SC ROCK HARD



Don’t lose hope. And please don’t sting your man with blame in your anger and fear.

Stand by him. Believe in him. Trust God who is silently working all these seemingly miserable things for great good that you and your husband can’t even imagine at this moment when everything seems to be coming against you.

For this is marriage.

Created in the garden and sanctified by God. One man. One woman. For life. A love story where best friends share all sorts of special benefits and shoulder burdens side-by-side. A tale of two partners working hard to accomplish the will of God by putting God first seeking to trust and obey even when the path is obscure.

Marriage. A fairy tale come true just when you thought the clock had struck midnight and the glass slipper had shattered. A holy union, giving glimpses of God’s covenant love for all of us.

And marriage means love unfathomable and patient that never stops forgiving, never stops believing in the other. Until death and all the way to forever.

It’s love that stays the course.


So receive your husband for who he is — a man. No more. No less. Dusty and fragile just like you. Yet and always a treasure true.

Hold his heart tenderly tight as you give him your all from morning till night. Trusting God to work out all the details in a big picture that only He can see. Making your man’s heart secure as it rests in your respect and love.

And tell your husband — your teammate — words that will soothe his weary soul, restoring his hope. 

He is my husband. He is my hero. My hero. Words not lightly spoken but deeply felt. Believed. Through trials severe as well as all those starry, starry nights. And it is my gift to partner with him through life as we grow every step along the way of this one astonishing journey that is our marriage.

Open your eyes wide and take in all the beauty of all the moments that make up your wedded life. For better AND for worse. Humble your woman heart and be washed by God’s mercy and grace and gain your strength and peace from the One who controls it all.

Grace will carry you moment by moment as you trust that God’s eyes are upon you and your husband much more than He watches the sparrows.

And your heart will beat feverishly for this one fellow who is your very own. Your heart’s dearest gift of love true, lasting, self-sacrificing and realer than real. 

And your marriage a rare and precious gift for both you and him…

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12 thoughts on “The powerful impact of telling your husband he’s your hero especially in tough times…

  1. So good.
    My husband and I have witnessed interactions of other couples, and his words of observation have stayed with me over the years. Here’s what he said about a particular complaining wife: “She cuts the legs right out from under him.”
    So graphic, but that’s exactly what we do when we make our husbands feel like failures. Very sad, and a behavior we need to avoid and pray for grace to overcome.

    • You’re husband’s words are graphically powerful and worth remembering. Thanks for sharing them. Thanks so very much for taking the time to read and comment. Always nice to hear from you.

  2. This was just beautiful! I love thinking of your husband as your hero. Your words resonate loudly even for this single woman. Thank you for building into other marriages through your words here. Visiting you from #DanceWithJesus

    • Hi Mary — Thank you for your kind words. And it is never too early to practice being a good wife. And truly a good wife is a woman, regardless of status, who is obedient to her Lord. Blessings and hugs…

  3. “So receive your husband for who he is — a man. No more. No less. Dusty and fragile just like you. Yet and always a treasure true.”

    So true…sometimes I think I hold my husband to a higher standard than I hold myself and expect him to love me “perfectly.” I need to give more grace and remember that his heart is dusty and fragile, just like mine!

    • Amen. We are all in this together and the cross has leveled the playing field. We are co-heirs in Christ and subject to the same criteria. Though husbands and wives be different in function we are equal in essence before God. Blessings and hugs, Lauren.

  4. Beautifully expressed truth as always, Sheila. These words made my throat constrict more than others:”Hold his heart tenderly tight as you give him your all from morning till night” because sometimes we feel too flawed and wounded, too closed off and hurt by life to give as openly as this. And sometimes? Sometimes it’s only after years of living with a man, who has been quietly revealing Jesus to us in every way, that we can thaw and warm to how special he really is as we rely on God to give us eyes to finally see it. As we do so, our troubled heart can be released from guilt and shame so that true, deep, godly love can flow more freely.

    • And Joy…you’re comments always express truth and beauty and I am always glad to hear from you. Yes, it can take a lifetime of falling down and getting up before we “arrive”…in first grade!!! God is patient with us and so we keep purposing to grow and heal and change and be the very best Daughter of the King that we can be. As we do, we become much better wives. Blessings and many hugs. xxoo

  5. I think we were on the same wavelength today, Sheila. My post is about affirming our spouses. But I think you bring up a great point about our husband’s desire for us to feel like they are our heroes. This reminds me of that part of 1 Corinthians 13 where it says that “love” is expressed by seeing the best in the other. So making sure Gary knows I think he’s the best and is my “hero” is something I need to always pursue. Thanks for the encouragement, my sweet friend from afar!

  6. Sheila, this is such a beautiful post! And you guys are so lovely together. You inspire me. Thank you so much for sharing and for simply being who GOD has called you to be. You bless me greatly! Infinite blessings to you, Love! 🙂