10 timely tips to jumpstart a ritual of romance this summer! Why couple traditions are important for your marriage….


Summertime is always the best of what might be.
~Charles Bowden

Season of slow is upon us and the next couple of months bring respite from the wearying, whirlwind routines.

Why not catch your breath with the man you love and create rituals unique to the two of you that help your marriage be the best it might be.


Summer is perfect for rediscovering the simple joy of being married like when it was just the two of you.

Before the babies and mortgages and paying off college loans and dual-career households that spin like Dervishes.

Or before the empty nest — maybe you chose to be consumed with kids and careers through the decades — and now find yourself asking who is this man or woman I’m married to?

Marriage rituals can reintroduce you as lovers and best friends no matter if your union is young or old. Rituals rejuvenate romance with their anticipated repetition giving you and your husband a rhythm you can count on.


What might you and your man love doing this summer?

Perhaps there’s something you once enjoyed together that’s long forgotten. Or maybe something new and different you’ve always wanted to try. Establish rituals that work for both of you and relax, it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you create a ritual and find it doesn’t suit you or your husband then try something else. You just want to establish a few patterns that you look forward to regularly.

Rituals are no pressure traditions that enhance your marriage, helping it grow organically while creating memories to savor. And little things mean a lot so don’t be put off thinking this will break the bank.

Here are 10 suggestions to get you started creating rituals of your own to renew and rebalance your relationship. Have fun!!SC SUNRISE 2

  • Early to rise — We almost always get up before dawn, greet each other with a kiss, peek at the weather, and then snugglin bed for a little bit longer. And always, always read God’s word and pray together before beginning our work-from-home days. Summer’s warmer weather might mean you get up earlier and eat breakfast together on the deck listening to sweet, peaceful bird songs.
  • Mark the date — We married on July 18. Each month on the 18th we compete to be the first to say Happy Anniversary. And we plan a little special something for that date. So go out for ice cream on your anniversary date. Or pack a picnic supper for two at a nearby park. Tuck a sweet card under the pillow, put fresh picked flowers as a surprise gift on the kitchen table, or leave a love note and a piece of dark chocolate for him to find. RITUALS ICE CREAM
  • Sweet nothings — Are really sweet somethings. Throughout the day — home offices at opposite ends of our loft– we touch base with each other. Literally. A hand on a shoulder as we pass through. A hug given. A quick laugh shared over something silly. Since most couples work outside the home, establish the habit of a quick call at lunchtime. Or send each other text messages a few times a day just to stay in touch. When you get home reconnect in a positive way with a hug and kiss and a few moments to catch up on your days.
  • Star gazing  — There are three full moons this summer including a blue moon on July 31. Don’t miss them! Head outside with a blanket and a bottle of wine and your sweetheart.
  • Weekly dates — are a wise investment of time! We love to run away from home and play outdoors. In the sunshine, exploring hidden-gem locations within a two hour radius and on less than half a tank of gas. Forgetting all the adult responsibilities and just enjoying each other in the glory of God’s created world. Breathing deeply while making memories that take our breath away. Summer is a wonderful time for exploring at a lake, a lush park or maybe an air-conditioned museum if the humidity is too much for you. Whatever you do is less important than committing to just-the-two-of-you time together weekly away from the usual grind. SC PASTEL HOUSES
  • Walks under the clouds — Whether bright and billowy or blustery and gray most days find us walking for 30-45 minutes. After supper you and your mate can stroll around the block. Always hand-in-hand. And if you hear the ice cream truck nearby let your inner child out and indulge just a bit.
  • Little words speak big — Practice telling each other I love you and say thank you, too. Give compliments and remember your manners with your mate.
  • Jazz after dinner — Unwind with mellow tunes that soothe the soul. Miles Davis often helps us usher in the evening. Listen to whatever you like. Or maybe read aloud to each other or share a coffee on the deck after dinner with a once-in-a-while Paleo dessert.
  • Friday night at the movies — Get cozy on the couch and relax with a big bowl of popcorn and green tea at the end of the week.
  • And always evenings alone by candlelight…

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6 thoughts on “10 timely tips to jumpstart a ritual of romance this summer! Why couple traditions are important for your marriage….

  1. Beautiful! I especially love how you describe these things as organic, natural things we do to keep our marriage growing and deepening. My husband is resistant to things he feels are “forced” or “fake,” and I love the idea that these rituals can be mostly sweet, small choices to spend intentional time together rather than grand gestures.

    • Amen! Keep it real, honest and authentic. From the heart because that’s what Jesus is most interested in…the condition of our hearts of love towards Him and others. Blessings…

  2. Really great ideas! Summer is a busy season for us and we have a small child so making time is tough we have arranged our work schedules so we can at least have one day a week together. Blessed to be your neighbor from #RaRaLinkup.

    • Hi Samantha…in the rush of your summer I surely hope you and your husband make some time to smell the roses. It’s hard in the early years. So many demands. So little time. Limited energy for all. BUT GOD! Wishing you and your young family a truly blessed season full of fireflies and early morning sunrises as the birds chirp happily. Running in sprinklers with hubby and little one. A day at the shore. Eating dinner outside. Making smores and gazing at the stars…HUGS!!

  3. Ok Sheila….so um the anniversary. If we even remember it, I think we may call each other but that’s usually the extent of our celebration. But this year based on this post, I will be intentional about celebrating it. This marks our 15th year of wedded bliss 🙂

    • Fifteen blessed years together for better and for worse…and still wanting to celebrate. 15 is an early biggie in my book so I hope you’ll plan something delightful and memorable. Marriage is a gift and life is meant to celebrate. JOY and LOVE to both of you for many more years of wedded bliss!! Blessings…