Why every marriage needs a weekend away … Escaping the daily grind makes your marriage better




Sometimes you and the Mr. just gotta run away from home!

Away from the stress, the bills, the worries, work and even the kids.

And recapture the magic.

Simply being a twosome. A couple who cares about {and cares for} their marriage almost as much as God does. A man and his wife lost to the world, deep in the woods.

We recently escaped to the wild side of Michael’s beloved Dacks — the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. In a grand adventure that included a glitch but brought us closer than before, with a deeper understanding of each other’s hearts.

I had never been farther west than Lake George and the surrounding towns. Visiting this quieter, less travelled side got me thinking that I might even be brave enough to tent camp by the lake  {which would delight my Michael’s heart} — at least for one night!

There’s just something special about getting away from it all and getting closer to God and your spouse through time spent hand-in-hand in God’s glorious creation — whether it’s the mountains, the shore or the dessert.

Nature nurtures with a lush, deep, stillness that settles the soul.

Spectacular scenery soothes as it makes you catch your breath and thank God for the gift of sight.

And waterfalls — especially when you sit right on the edge on the damp rocks slippery {Caution advised!!} — are wonderful for relaxing and re-energizing two weary souls.



And then there are those nights under the stars, with a full moon inviting.

Romancing the two of you. All alone.

With God’s blessing.






And the lonesome cry of a loon will tug at your heartstrings.

First time I ever heard a loon in nature. Such a gift!


Haunting wail, almost like a wolf howling, made me think how “real” life, the daily grind, can make us howl in pain, hemming in a marriage with seemingly immovable boundaries of must-do’s. Husbands and wives rushing here and there, trying to make a buck or make repairs on the house or run the kids or grandkiddies to ball games on weekends that are so full there’s hardly a moment to exhale.

And just “be” with each other. Still. Grateful.

Purposely purposeless!

Because the pressures of modern “living,” when we allow ourselves to get wrapped tightly by them, suffocates tender love between a man and woman, putting their marriage and often intimacy, on a far reaching back burner where the pot is nearly boiling over on a near daily basis.

Souls getting scorched. Feelings of love waning. Hearts and minds perhaps more easily tempted to wandering.

And no one is very happy.

Cycles go round and round and round. Dizzying and dreary. Until someone remembers that marriage, maintaining romance fresh and revitalizing, and bonding as two in One, takes time, energy and … steadfast determination. But the outcome is bliss-filled joy and a closer, tighter weave between two hearts.




And morning brings sunshine and smiles, a crisp note to the air,  a hearty appetite and a clearer vision for your marriage bright.

So with a steady focus aimed first at Father  — Him the author of marriage and its protector and ultimate nurturer — and then with eyes only for each other, the work of tending, healing and growing your marriage can become less a chore on a never-ending to-do list and so much more a welcome respite.

And two who wear matching gold bands and share the same last name can forget the forget-ables that remain come Monday morning.

Remembering to focus on what is precious. And fleeting.

Gift of each other.


Partners for life with all its ups and downs and in-betweens. Soul mates who are house mates. Lovers who are also likers.

It may seem impossible to schedule a weekend away when looking at calendars full of tasks and errands and appointments and meetings.

But think of the alternative.

Ignore your marriage and possibly wind up miserable or alone someday. Kids unhappy because mom and dad are. Divorce lawyers potentially adding to their coffers.

Or excuse yourself and your other half.

Pack a bag and jump off the gerbil wheel.

Just you and him.

And when you return to life-as-you-choose-to-know-it-now don’t be surprised if you find yourself yearning for the next weekend away.

Of life slow, real and very loved…

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5 thoughts on “Why every marriage needs a weekend away … Escaping the daily grind makes your marriage better

  1. Sheila, visiting from Wifey Wednesday, and your words make me yearn for a weekend away. We celebrated our 20th a few months ago at a little bed and breakfast off the beaten trail, and it was such a blessing to plan, escape the daily to-dos, and reconnect with one another. Sweet blessings. : )

    • Time away is good for the soul of a marriage. Keep up all these wise practices, Lauren, and 50 years from now your will still be happy and in love…Thanks for your kind words. HUGS!!