Why you need to reconnect instead of rushing crazy through the moments of your marriage…


Marriages need to breathe.

To hold hands and sit a spell. Soaking up the sun.

To run freely away from the chores, the 9 to 5, and even the kids so that romance can flourish.

To peel back masks and avoidance and any untreated wounds and lie naked and unashamed in arms entwined.

But what about you and your union?

Are you walking too fast through the moments of your marriage? Caught in the crush and rush of life speeding by.

Are you frazzled, anxious or irritable from all the demands? Not exactly an environment conducive to growing a healthy partnership.

Because marriage is not just about checking off chores, running errands, volunteering at church or in the community, driving the kids to practice and attaining career goals.

Marriage is the sweetest, dearest and hopefully deepest friendship you’ve ever know. A companionable community of two plus One.

A precious gift.

And it’s about being fully present in all the moments that make a lifetime and practicing marriage with every slow breath breathed.

Being intentional as it organically envelops you and your husband in the mystery of a man with a women who have vowed to spend all their days on earth.


And marriage needs nurturing. Every single day.

So press stop. Allow yourself to undo for a while. Yet with a regularity that can be counted on as a significant time of reconnection.

Because if all you ever do is run breathless in opposite directions your marriage will loose steam and grow stale.

And you will miss it. The Maker’s magic of two becoming one.

Of lovers mingling longings until the longings dissolve and each of you fills the other, pushing away the emptiness and the darkness.

Of souls soothing the ache that sometimes screams in the night.

Of hearts harmonious pointing others to the Father’s heart.

Of partners pausing to remember that marriage is a treasure, never a chore, and that moments melt into years and years slip away.

Until there’s only one of you left.

Always keep the end in sight as you walk the path of life and marriage. Lord, teach us to number our days. Make us wise. Help us remember that time is fleeting ever so fast.

Maybe you’re caught in the never-ending cycle of must-do’s. Do they really matter more than your man?

Right now text your husband. Tell him you love him so very much. Thank him for how hard he works to provide. Convey your respect to him in 140 characters.

Or surprise him with a quick call at the office.

Better yet plan date night.

Just the two of you. Ask Father to inspire your creativity even if it’s on a budget. Then do whatever you need to do to clear the decks and make it happen. Let go. Enjoy yourselves. Thank God for the gift of love you share with your mate.

Because too. much. busyness. makes marriages wither.

And wedded lovers wilt and marriages get lost in the shuffle and you hardly notice that something is amiss until the dust settles and you dry your tears and you wish you had made different choices when you had the chance.

The moment is now.

So seize it with both hands and clasp every blessed one to follow before they slip away. Thank Father for His grace to you and your husband in marriage.

Hug your hubby so close to your heart that his heart will skip a beat. Just because he is yours. And you are his. And both of you are God’s.

All is grace.

And in your sweetheart’s warm embrace exhale deep and sweet and slow…

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12 thoughts on “Why you need to reconnect instead of rushing crazy through the moments of your marriage…

  1. I spent the weekend at a marriage retreat with my husband and it was such a blessing. A time of slowing down, learning new tools to communicate better and other tips to foster a healthy marriage. All goodness! Blessings to you, friend.

  2. I’m not married yet but I’m surely learning from this. 🙂 I think marriage like other relationships needs to have space to let people involved grow.


  3. This is such a timely reminder of what marriage really is. It’s so easy to get busy that you neglect to nurture your relationship, your romance. “Of partners pausing to remember that marriage is a treasure, never a chore, and that moments melt into years and years slip away.” We can easily forget that time is slipping away and we need to pay attention before it is too late. We need to remember to pray for our spouses daily and really show that we love them especially through times of disagreement. With God at the center, we can do it. Your post is so encouraging! I’m going to take steps to let my husband know that he is special to me. It’s so easy to take things for granted, but we don’t know how long we will have together, do we? We don’t always have to spend money for a date, we can just sit outside and enjoy each other’s company as we enjoy the beauty of Creation.

  4. How blessed it is to dwell together in unity (and love.) We watch TV each evening and our big chairs are side by side. We reach over and hold hands from time to time. Your reminders to love until we are only one is a wake up call. Thanks for sharing at Tell me a Story.

  5. Sheila,

    Thanks so much for sharing this much-needed article with us at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy! Congratulations – you are one of our Featured Guests this week! 🙂