Count the blessing of your marriage…Priceless gift in sunshine or storm



So after a gorgeous spring weekend and spending most of it outdoors the work week began blustery and gloomy and wet.

I pulled on woolen socks and long sleeves and made another cup of tea to stave off the damp chill in the air.

Rain pelted howling hard. Even blew open a locked door.


Inside our little loft was warm and inviting and there was no way a rainy day or a Monday could get me down.




There were dishes in the sink waiting for me — thank you Father — because there is food on our table. And a pot of healthy, mineral-rich bone broth simmered on the stove, making our little vintage country kitchen even warmer and cozier.

My hard-working husband was mere yards away in his home office. Never too far for an impromptu hug.

Gladness overwhelmed!

And I continued counting the gifts of the day just begun, thanking Him for each one.

And isn’t that what we are supposed to do in marriage?

Give thanks continually for our partner?

Number the ways that marriage blesses us?

Not take it all for granted but tell Father and our man how grateful we are for our one life shared?

And there will be days when our union feels gray, dismal, or perhaps storming. There will be days all bright, sunshiny and happy. No matter what, we get to choose how to respond to whatever comes our way.

For all the days that God gives are lessons in learning to love. Some tests are just harder, that’s all.

But Father diligently leads us forward so that we might learn, in this closest of human connections, to be:

  • Patient
  • Kind
  • Content
  • Humble
  • Honoring
  • Polite
  • Serving
  • Even-tempered
  • Self-controlled
  • Truthful
  • Encouraging
  • Protective
  • Trusting
  • Hopeful
  • Grateful
  • Overlooking
  • Covering
  • Persevering

And these love lessons are put to the test daily. How I hate when I fail. You, too?

But we do not have a harsh task master who punishes us when we stumble willfully. Nope. He gently picks us back up and sets us right again. May we all remember to please Him with our obedience and count our blessings, especially in marriage.

Giving thanks always for all things to God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;
Ephesians 5:20
And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also you are called in one body; and be thankful.
Colossians 3:15
And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.
Colossians 3:17
In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18




Even when all we can muster is Father, thank you for grace which carries me through.


Being intentionally grateful pleases Abba and it changes us. We stop viewing situations all negative and see the glimmer of hope. Being grate-full keeps us from running on empty, allowing us to look beyond the current moment {especially if a less than moment} and be sustained with joy way down deep.

But we can’t get there alone.

We need God. We need to hold His hand. All. The. Time.

And we need to understand He loves to hold our hand because He loves us. Simple as that. And nothing will ever change His heart towards you or me!

That’s one amazing gift…

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18 thoughts on “Count the blessing of your marriage…Priceless gift in sunshine or storm

  1. How true. We do need to tell our spouse just how wonderful they are and how blessed we are to share in their lives. Loved the pics, could almost smell the broth. Yum.

    • Thanks, Maggie. And the bone broth turned out sooooooo good. I really love it. And it’s very healing for the gut. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the post. Please come again!

  2. I love this reminder to be thankful in all things. Sometimes we can focus on the negative and not see the positive. I needed this encouragement today – thanks for sharing. Visiting from Holley Gerth Link-up

  3. Counting the blessings, too. I love it the days my husband works from home for those impromptu hugs, too – but I love rainy days – I had to turn on the fireplace this week it got so cold! Sweet words to live life fully beautiful!

    • Thank you, my friend, for your encouraging words. I like rainy days ONCE in a while. I much prefer sunshine and warm breezes…and flip flops! Those things I am especially thankful for!! 😉

  4. Sixteen years in and I’m right with you I thus: it is all about what we choose to see and celebrate that pleases God and makes marriage good. Thanks for your wisdom here. Good to meet you through Holley’s link up.

  5. Loved your story, the pictures and your encouraging words. We must see beauty in everything that happens to us. God is faithful and gives us the change to look at the things in the way He sees. Through His eyes. I have to say sometimes I have felt tempted to look at the negative things my way. And I have to say I’ve fallen. I have learn to look carefully and see every detail of life through the eyes and vision of God. And I have to say I have felt peace when I do that. Thanks for sharing today this, gives me comfort and motivate me to keep looking just the way He does.

    I’m linking up too with you at #livefreeThursday.
    Tayrina from TGAWrites

    • Thanks, Dolly. While I MUCH prefer sunny, warm days, Monday was a charming day with the wind howling and the rain coming down in sheets and us cocooned all safe and dry. Hugs!

  6. I love this! Our marriage should be a safe place to land, yet we all too often tear each other down. Thank you for making me smile and think warm thoughts about my husband! 🙂