Let your husband know he’s welcome and wanted…Part 2 in the Respect Your Man series


He had only been gone for the day.

But I missed him and wanted him to know.

So against my better healthy-paleo-cooking judgement, I ran to the supermarket and grabbed the items for his favorite-in-the-whole-wide-world comfort food.

Tuna Noodle Casserole.


Because I wanted to go all out, I did something I have never ever done for him in all the years of our young marriage.

I baked my guy his favorite cherry pie!

{For those who don’t know me well, I am having a little fun here with my words. Since we eat organic and green nearly all the time and I abstain from toxins like white sugar, white flour, etc., out of choice and necessity, indulging my Michael with some of his favorite foods is a spousal sacrifice of love while an unexpected gift for him!}


When he finally dragged in his war-weary bones after a long day of on-location work far away, he was greeted by a hand-made Welcome Home sign.

And a card with another favorite treat.

And I was greeted with the sweetest kisses!


Well, I won’t go into all the details of how his happy homecoming went last night, but I will say that as wives it’s so important for us to show our men how much we value them. I had an entirely different agenda for my day alone yesterday with projects, tasks and errands I felt were important. And they were important.

But then the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear something even more important.

Your husband comes first.

And when I obey God, like when you obey God, rare and precious moments to treasure for a lifetime unfold right before our eyes. Work and chores and the tyranny of the urgent will always be there but moments with our man are priceless and nothing in life is guaranteed.

It’s important to train your brain to remember that your obedience to God blesses your husband.

Your marriage benefits as your efforts to serve strengthen the bond you share with your one-flesh love.

Showing respect for your husband has many facets, some of which are particular for your unique spouse, but making a man feel welcomed and wanted in his own home is a universal way to show you care about him, the hard-working head of the home.

And when you honor your husband you honor your God.

So give hubby your heart-felt gratitude for all he does to support the family.

Acknowledge and appreciate him for the countless times he gets up and serves even when he might rather be zoning out, remote in hand.

Sincerely thank him for the many and varied ways he purposes to love you well, to comfort you, to protect you and to make you happy.

And it’s not a husband’s responsibility to see to it that his wife is always happy, contrary to what some women may think.

It is up to her to choose to be happy by being content and grateful for all God provides through her husband.

Ya know, some of the projects and tasks on my list yesterday remain on my to-do list for today.

But my choice to relinquish my grip on my agenda resulted in a priceless memory made with my Michael.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way…

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2 thoughts on “Let your husband know he’s welcome and wanted…Part 2 in the Respect Your Man series

  1. I love your writing. Keep doing it all. This is so great and encouraging. I need to work harder to make my home his safe zone. And let him know more often that I appreciate him. Thanks, Shiela!

    • You are welcome, Dana. So glad my words can encourage you. And make no mistake that YOUR WORDS have greatly encouraged me today…I am coming off a funky kinda week last week where I was questioning what I do 🙁 Your words spur me on…thanks bunches. HUGS!!!