Don’t wait to say I Love You…saying goodbye and reflecting on God’s goodness on a snowy, still Sunday


Stillness covers this Sunday like the snow silent falling.

I wait in the stillness and the thoughts of my heart run deep as drifts.

Sunday made more still with unexpected damage to our only vehicle yesterday. Never saw it coming. Completely altered our day.

And a date at a college art museum became an adventure in getting home.

Which we did after an hours-long wait, first for campus security and then for a flat bed from across the river. A bumpy ride dropped us at our service station thankfully only a quarter-mile hike from home along a country road waiting for spring’s thaw.

Yesterday, before our date, we had our weekly marriage meeting on finances and such, and prayed asking God to keep our old car safe and well-working.

And God is good. Thank you, Father.

There could have been a terrible collision where metal and mortals got twisted beyond repair.

Now we wait on others.

Garage is closed for the weekend and our calls go unreturned. Not knowing the cost of repairs we wait to submit a claim. We waited for the rental car office to open this morning only to be told they can’t send a car to pick us up today.

So we wait for tomorrow when more information will shed light clearer.

And snow keeps falling. Road ahead obscured.

Yet in the waiting we cannot wait for we only have these moments precious and few in the beauty of all their fleeting.

And in the fleeting of life on earth we wait to once again see a dear, dear friend — “Grandma Georgette” to my three sons — who unexpectedly slipped from earth’s embrace into the Father’s arms on Friday.

After a one week wait following a stroke that struck while she slept.

And I had hugged her as she sat at lunch just one week earlier than that. Quickly, on my way passing through. Never thinking this would be the last time I would see her as I had known her — vibrant, energetic, witty, laughing.

In ICU her body broken, connected to a bunch of tubes and machines, waiting for its first breath of eternity.

So I whisper I love you in an ear that had often listened to my heart as we sipped tea together. Her fluttering open eyes heavily weighted.

And we held our breath and waited for the fullness of her time here to end so as to begin somewhere so much better.

She’s dancing with Jesus now.


And left behind we are left missing her.

Waiting for another day when all waiting will cease and time will stand still as it flows forward without end.

Like snow that doesn’t wait but keeps falling, falling, falling.

And in all this waiting we cannot wait. Not another moment. Grasp the given and then give it away fully and full of love.

For we are like snowflakes rare. All together falling alike yet uniquely so.

We are a wisp of beauty fragile. Melting warm in the palm of His hand. A vapor vanishing.

And waiting as we cannot wait yet must.

For what will be.

Waiting for glory…

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37 thoughts on “Don’t wait to say I Love You…saying goodbye and reflecting on God’s goodness on a snowy, still Sunday

  1. Sheila, your words shimmer and sing of glory even more than before. There is a taste of eternity in them. Sad, poignant, yet also hope-filled and beautifully haunting thoughts to warm a heart cold with waiting long. May God wrap His loving arms around you, friend, and keep you close in this time of mourning a beloved one. Praying for you. Blessings and love. xox

  2. Oh Sheila,
    What wonderful words through trying times. Praying for everything to turn out well with the car and so sorry for you to lose such a friend.
    Thanking God for bringing us together.

  3. Sheila, so sorry for your loss. Your words are most wise though, conveying the important message of not putting off what must be said or done today. May we tell those around us how much we love them & how they have influenced our lives. They need to hear it. And we need to say it. Blessings!

  4. So sorry for your loss of Grandma Georgette. I’m grateful you got to spend some precious moments loving on her near the end. “And in all this waiting we cannot wait.” Love in this moment. What a beautiful lesson on how to live, Sheila. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Lisa. We are just back from the funeral. I really miss her. We all do. She was special and spunky and lots of fun. And at our table at lunch, where Michael and I sat with my mom and some other family members, there happened to be an empty seat. Her seat…Missing her 🙁

  5. You did a fabulous job writing this piece. You’re right we shouldn’t wait to say I love you. We need to work diligently to make sure those around us know they are loved by us.

    • Thank you for your kindness, Dolly. I literally cried myself to sleep last night. And we will be sad in the days, holidays ahead. And you never forget and their place in our hearts is always held in suspension by their blessed memory. And I can see her, smiling as always, as Jesus twirls her around the Grand Ballroom where the sun never sets, ankles never get twisted, glass slippers are never left behind at the stroke of midnight. For the Prince has come…

  6. Hi there Sheila, I thought of you since I have marriage on my mind. Just wrote a post about it, and want to do more writing. Since my dad lost his wife of 30 years, it’s got me and my husband thinking that we should appreciate each other!!

    And here I see you’ve written a beautiful post. What God is teaching you as you wait, and the parting of a dear friend. Yes, we definitely need to be saying “I love you” NOW! I’m so sorry about your car accident. I hope things are solved quickly. Sending a prayer for you now.

  7. You write so beautifully. I’m so sorry about your friend passing, but how comforting to know she is with Jesus. Thank you for sharing this story.

  8. Sheila I hope you find God’s strength and comfort at this difficult time, and peace in the memories that you have! Prayers, and also thank you for the reminder to not wait <3 Rachel

    • You are welcome, Rachel. And thanks for stopping by. And God is ever faithful and we can find our healing and peace and comfort in Him and His precious Word. Blessings and hugs…

  9. Sheila, I’m so sorry for your loss but love knowing she is dancing with Jesus today. Thank you for opening your heart for the #raralinkup. Have a great day, Kim

    • Love that verse, Jenny. And each morning during my devotions I gaze out the sliding glass doors to hills behind which the sun always rises. Ever thankful for His faithfulness especially in times of need. Tnx!!

  10. Sheila – loved this line, “And in all this waiting we cannot wait. Not another moment. Grasp the given and then give it away fully and full of love.” Amen sister. Here today, gone tomorrow. May we shine glory like the son until the day we go to meet him in heaven. Cheering you, as I always love to do! Go Sheila! You rock our hearts as an awesome blogger on the #RaRalinkup with Purposeful Faith.

  11. I’m so sorry for your loss, Sheila… but what timely and wise words. I lost my mother a year ago and your words could not ring truer.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and poignant post with us at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy. I’m honored to include you among our Featured Guests (#166).