A marriage letter to my husband…Until the day breaks holy and the shadows flee


To my husband, my Michael…


Holy is the hush of down-covered snuggling when we are side by side.

Sounds of breaths and whispers only as night slips into day. Sacred moments of you and me.


For it is us, husband and wife, together in Him who is holy. Our best beautiful.

And the us He created is becoming.


For we crossed a bridge that warm June morning high above the river, didn’t we? And we crossed hallowed ground inside our hearts with vows to keep skin apart and holy until the fullness of time.

Holy matrimony.

And love linking wholly. No impious regrets this time. Only sweet, unspeakable joy in a gift divine like never before.

Breathless with holy love.

Taking off and running hard, you and me, yielding hearts of holes, Holy Spirit wind at our back. And we are filling for we are caught and the Holy will never let us go. We cling to each other, three-strand secure.

Remembering in moments rare the not holy and the shame  — too much before we met but also moments godless in this marriage. We have miles to go. We slip off our shoes, feet washed, and the ground we tread is holy. Falling on faces. Forgiveness like mercies new. And all these moments of us and our marriage bring us closer to Him and to each other, to home, and to all that is true, pure.


For the bridges we crossed have become the crosses we bear and there is un-doing as our union bears us across waters deep and wide and fierce.

Wait. Listen.

Do you hear it? Still small breeze blows, gentling the waters.

Hush, be still…and it became perfectly calm.
Mark 4:39

And it is this undoing of two hard and becoming one softly that is holy. For better. For worse. For all the in-between moments of our journey. One life shared one breath at a time.


Our once-upon-an-aching hearts hold hands with Him who holds us always and He ushers us into wholeness.

And a waning moon yawns sleepy on the horizon and holy is the hush as the down is pulled up.

Sounds of breaths and whispers only.

Sacred moments slipping into silence.

And all of it breathing holy…



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And bless you, dear Amber Haines for an opportunity to share a Marriage Letter at your lovely writing space. February’s theme is “What you call holy.” And readers are welcome to join in and write a letter, too.

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20 thoughts on “A marriage letter to my husband…Until the day breaks holy and the shadows flee

  1. Oh, Sheila, this is such a touching, moving and truly beautiful letter to your husband! And one we all would love to have written. It rings poetic and it rings true. We are made a holy union in Him who loves us beyond all knowing. I love it all, but these words stood out for me:”Our once-upon-an-aching hearts hold hands with Him who holds us always and He ushers us into wholeness.” Amen! An ushering into wholeness describes so well the journey of life and marriage, one imperfect step at a time. Thank you. Blessings to you both. 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much, Joy. For your sweet and kind words which encourage me. And marriage and life do have that way — of helping transform us into who God means for us to be. Blessings right back at you, too! xxoo

  2. Blessed you both are …

    And … you’ve won the Team Us: Marriage Together book over at Creekside. Congrats!

    Please email me your address and I’ll have it sent to you.

    Warm, warm blessings on this frigid cold day!


    • Thank you, Sara. And when I reframe marriage away from me and onto HIM it helps me be the wife HE wants me to be regardless of circumstances in the daily grind and my own agenda. Marriage is a holy undertaking which helps us become holier even though it was first created to fill the void of loneliness by providing constant companionship and to give us pleasure. Marriage is a blessing, our Father tells us, and can be so even through the mundane and the troubles when we keep looking up at Him and purpose to see it as such. {And in commenting here, Sara, I am speaking to myself :)!!} With you and wives everywhere as we journey forward as helpmates to our men! Thanks for stopping by.