On waiting…or discovering what you believe about God when you stumble on the path


I had waited all week to get back to the woods.

Temperatures had been too frigid for me to do much walking but then Friday blew in all bright and blustery like a morning in March and Saturday’s sunshine rivaled the day before.

And I was raring to go!

After sitting all morning in my monthly bible study — where we are reading and discussing Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s Lies Women Believeand then at Cranberry’s Cafe for a delightful cup of tea with a friend, I was eager to stretch my legs and breath deep the clean, crisp winter air.


Seven days earlier, arctic chill freezing, my Michael and I opted for an intuitive drive, turning at will as we were lead, and discovered not one but three new hiking sites within 30 minutes of home. I was desperate to explore Laurel Ledges at Turtle Pond for the online description seemed utterly enchanting promising a diverse hike.




We would follow a stone walkway and cross a narrow boardwalk winding through a swampy area while hugging the base of a tall cliff.  Once we passed these ledges and a small stand of evergreens the trail would snake over and around rocks and boulders on a narrow path between the hill and a stream on the right. Then we would climb the back end of the ledges via zig-zagging switchbacks up a hill to a lovely, elevated view of Turtle Pond. 

The hike delivered and it was exhilarating.


And I was loving it!

But coming upon a really slick, steep spot I said a silent prayer.

Lord, please keep us safe on this trail.

No sooner had the words left my heart than I felt myself slipping.

I can’t remember if it was ice or my boot stubbing a rock that caused me to lose my footing. In those seemingly endless slow-mo seconds as I tumbled I waited and wondered if I would split my skull or break my wrists.

But God!

I landed with a heavy thud on the inside of my right knee.


After rubbing it and Michael praying we gingerly retraced our steps back down the trail with my tears like a waterfall.

Now the little purple egg on my swollen knee spends most of its time elevated with ice on the sofa.


And I wait for it to heal. And I’ll have to wait awhile before we go hiking again.

Moments after the injury occurred I recounted how I had prayed.

Our God is so very good, I said to Michael.

He heard my prayer and kept me safe sparing me the worst of what I feared. And allowed me to hobble off the path holding Michael’s arm. We didn’t need to call 911.

Thank you, Father.

And the morning of my fall, in the little Bible study in front of the wood burning stove, cups or tea or coffee in hand, sitting round a love-worn dining room table where many family meals have no doubt been shared, we talked about the lies we women believe about God.

Like God is not really good or at least He has not been good to me.

And what we believe about God is the foundation of our entire belief system.

If we have wrong thinking about God, we will have wrong thinking about everything else. What we believe about God determines the way we live. If we believe things about Him that aren’t true, we will eventually act on those lies and end up in bondage.
~Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free

As I think about my injury, mildly throbbing as I write and which I will take to the doctor’s if not improved in another 48 hours, I realize how much worse off my attitude — and by extension my physical body — would be if I thought God was not a good God.

Not that my not believing would cancel out His goodness of protecting me, but I’d be fuming and fussing with Him. And all those negative emotions inside wearing me down and out and strangling joy.

Thinking that He does bad stuff to punish us. That He lets evil befall us because He doesn’t love us. That He waits in the wings for a chance to pull the rug out from under us.

But Truth sets us free as we abide therein. 


God is love.

And all He does is done in love, even hard things that we would much rather avoid. Because in His mysterious, higher than me-and-you ways, He is always working for our ultimate good with our very best interests at heart.

And sometimes it is that which hurts that heals us the most and shapes our character more like the Savior’s.

God is always for us.

While it may not feel like it at the time but be oh-so-painful like my leg, we can choose to rise above those feelings that fluctuate and often deceive us by knowing and trusting the Truth.

And we wait on God.

Spending quality and quantity time in God’s word, His holy love letter to us all.

And we dig down deep into scripture for ourselves.

No longer merely accepting all that another tells us like I once did.  But really thinking hard and deep on our own, praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance, being a Berean, investigating and studying and even posing uncomfortable questions to God.

And then believe God.

Fall in love with Him. Speaking in heart whispers with the Holy Spirit all throughout the day and night, intimacy growing.


And the wait will be over for you will have found what you have searched for always.

Comforted and well prepared for your journey ahead.

Wherever the path may lead…

Sheila Signature Reduced

P.S. I had read Lies Women Believe a number of years ago and am re-reading it now and can’t recommend it enough. If you are struggling with the battle between lies and truth this book can help. Clicking my affiliate link and purchasing your copy will provide a small commission for me at no additional cost to you. Thanks!

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22 thoughts on “On waiting…or discovering what you believe about God when you stumble on the path

  1. Well this just blessed me in a mighty way, Sheila. You truly have a gift. Just beautiful. I’ve been pondering how my inward thoughts can be so negative and I realized instead of these negative inwards thoughts I have I should be pondering who God is and His promises. I need to re-discover what I believe about God. Your message was rather timely.
    Praying for a speedy recovery.
    Thank you for how you share your heart.

    • Thank you so much, Beth, for such sweet, encouraging words and your well wishes for my leg which is making S L O W progress 🙂 Praise God. And that is the key to winning the battle in the mind…taking our thoughts captive, thinking on excellent things, choosing to praise God when we think or feel — or even when things really are — awful. THanks for stopping by!

  2. I’m about to head out for a walk myself in a few minutes, so this was great timing for me to read right now. I’m with Jeff in Denver for a few days; while he works, I’ll play. It snowed here last night (something I rarely get to see in Alabama), so I’ll need to be careful for slick spots as I walk.

    Believing that God is good is such a very, very important conscious decision that I have to make to keep my faith strong. Thanks for this, Sheila, on many levels!

    • You are more than welcome, Lisa. Glad my words can help. And be careful out there on any slippery surfaces. My knee is healing slowly and you dont want that!!! 🙂 I have only driven through Colorado but it sure looked pretty. Enjoy. Would love to see some photos from your playtime. 🙂 Hugs XO

  3. I absolutely loved this post, Sheila because it spoke directly to my heart and all I have been talking to God about recently. You see I am getting ready to dig a little more into my story, how I became a believer but there is messy along the way and it has been messing with me. These words here: “And sometimes it is that which hurts that heals us the most and shapes our character more like the Savior’s.” are exactly what I am struggling with because it requires me to feel the hurt again and to remember. But God… He has asked me to go back, to remember and to let Him continue to work in me through it all. He is so good. Thank you for these words today. Praying for you and your knee. Love the hiking spot-beautiful!

    • Thank you, Mary. And my heart is with you as your journey towards greater freedom {our One Word for 2015}. It can indeed be hard to look back and walk through something again, whether from our own choices or the consequences from another’s sin. But God. He will be with you, Mary, every step along the rocky path. He will hold you tight and dry your tears when they come. And do not be afraid to reach out to someone you trust and share your story for as we do we shed light on the secrets that shroud our joy and are healed. In remembering we give it all to Him, feel what we need to feel and then we choose to forget and go forward. And I know these things to be true for He has taken me back and over and around things in my past until I can say it was what it was but it is no more!! Thank you for your prayers. Me and my knee so appreciate them. It is slowly coming back 🙂 And yes, the hike was absolutely wonderful. I loved the diversity on the trail. Blessings to you, my friend.

  4. Great words Sheila, I loved this: “But really thinking hard and deep on our own, praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance, being a Berean, investigating and studying and even posing uncomfortable questions to God.” I want to do that. How awesome is that? Thanks friend. Cheering you!

    • Thank you, dear Kelly. Yes it is awesome to use our God given intellects to discern truth as we listen to the Holy Spirit. I learned this the hard way but will never go back. Cheering you back! RaRa 🙂

  5. Your photos reveal a lovely place to hike and then – – ouch but that truly hurt. By now I pray the swelling has gone down, and recovery is quick. I am so glad Michael was with you to assist you back down the trail. The book on lies (we believe) is excellent to remind us how our thoughts are not always our own. Often we are influenced by words and teachings that are not accurate and in line with the Holy Scriptures. When this happens around me, I hear a scratching like fingernails on the blackboard and realize the words are not true. Thank you for your beautiful story portrayed here at “tell Me a Story.”

    • Definitely a beautiful spot, Hazel. And I always hike with my Michael. When I was single I sometimes went alone onto the trail until the day I encountered a coyote and decided I needed a buddy!! I am enjoying re-reading the Lies book. I loved what you said about fingernails on the chalkboard. Blessings to you, dear friend.

  6. I am glad you are ok. And I am glad you were able to take beautiful pics despite your pain to share with us Sheila! I interviewed Nancy for that book and she is as beautiful as her words are. I hope you find much encouragement from your study and are able to break free from the lies that may bind you. Blessings! xoxo

    • Thanks, Nicki. Getting better day by day. And thankfully I took just about all the photos on the way up. How exciting that you got to interview Nancy. How did that happen? Blessings to you, too! xo

  7. Sorry to hear about your fall but I love the post it produced!
    Knowing WHO God is is vital. If we don’t know Him, we will believe lies and we aren’t living the abundant life. Satan is great at helping us believe lies. Only through reading God’s Word and spending time with Him can we KNOW Him…not just know about Him.

    Love this line, “And what we believe about God is the foundation of our entire belief system.”

    Sounds like a great book you’re reading. Thanks for sharing.
    praying your knee heals.

  8. Dropping by from Tell Me A True Story. I love the way you connect your experience with how God works in your life and how it will to us if we continue seeing God as He is. I am truly blessed and encouraged.
    Wishing you to get better soon!

    • Thanks, Joy. And what a wonderful name that is! So glad my words encouraged you. And thanks so much for subscribing to my blog. So happy to have you as part of my community. Blessings.

  9. Hi Sheila, I read the Lies Women Believe book with a younger woman years ago, and it really encouragaed us both. That is a recurring topic for me in recent years. It is so easy for us to be taken in my lies! We need the Word, no doubt about it.

    I hope the swelling on your knee went down, glad nothing worse happened when you fell. (I slipped on ice a few weeks ago too, but praise God, all I got was skin scraped off and a few bruises.

    • We all need truth all the time!! Lies come at as constantly. Thanks for your kind words for my leg. Slowly getting better 🙂 Snowing today but will venture to chiro if roads good. Thanks, Betsy. Always good to hear from you.

  10. I totally agree with the quote you posted from the book – I know God has really refined so much out of me – many things related to how I believed God worked. I am so grateful for His persistence in teaching me who He really is and not just want I assumed Him to be.

  11. Thank you Sheila, you know I always love your pictures; They capture so much of God’s beauty. I think we need to carry around with us God’s promises so we can read them every time that little voice sitting on our shoulder tells us differently. When we start to believe those ugly thoughts about ourselves, praise God, we can turn to our Abba Father and thank Him that he opens His loving arms to embrace us.
    Praying for healing of your knee.
    Love You,

    • Love you, too, my friend. And yes, it helps to have God’s Truth tucked inside our hearts, at the ready, for all those “sneak attacks” that the enemy hurls at us. Thanks, Marie. See you soon.