Making snow angels…Why playtime is vital for a healthy marriage


Sometimes it’s important to act like a kid again.

Especially in marriage which requires a lot of energy, time and work.

So with the mercury never inching past the teens the other day and snow newly fallen all pristine, we bundled up and headed out into the blazing bright.

Sun was arcing higher overhead and the Son was shining down so warm that we hardly noticed the chill for all the beauty surrounding us.





Walking through the forest — where only two other pairs of boot marks had tread before us — was like stepping into a scene from a Tolkein novel. We had to stop and gaze upward as snow from boughs laden swirled and spiraled silent all around us and us stepping in.




And I have learned the rewards of pushing myself beyond the comfort of our warm and dry little loft and getting out each day into nature where we give praise to God for the glory of creation, exert ourselves physically and in so doing boost our serotonin — especially important in the dark days of winter.


Playtime helps keep a marriage healthy as we step away from the demands of deadlines and other aspects of adulthood.

Reconnecting as friends we forget for awhile our “career-worthy” undertakings.

Laughing our heads off having fun. Drawing closer to each other.

And isn’t that one of the prime objectives in marriage? To always be moving towards one another.

Playtime can spark your creativity and a short break away from stress can make you more productive, recharging your batteries.

Because you know what they say.

All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull.

Dulling the senses and the heart and even our tenderness towards our spouse when all we do is choose to get caught up in the must-do’s of life as we live it in the 21st century. And our senses fall asleep to the simple pleasures grace given and God’s beauty all around us.

We become laser focused and wound tight and that can lead to fighting.

Commute. Work. Chores. Childrearing. Paying bills. Taking care of aging parents. Too little sleep. Repeat. Day after dreary day.

All work and no play can exhaust a couple when they only focus on building careers, launching new ventures and other weighty issues lying heavy on the heart. I’m not saying abandon your responsibilities, but balance makes marriage better.

And in marriage — our most important pursuit after God — we want to build balance leading to peace and joy and fulfillment.

Your life and your marriage is what you make it according to the choices you make. And your marriage is where it is right now because of all the choices leading up to today. And in this moment you are free to make new choices.

So why not choose to open your mind and heart to the possibility that it won’t kill you to kick back a little?

Schedule a fun date for you and your spouse as soon as you finish reading this post.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or way out of the ordinary. Use your God-given imagination and pray. Poke around on the internet for local resources.

And then go on an adventure that’s maybe right around the corner.





Even if it’s only for an hour or two like our recent hike through the snowy forest, marveling as a brace of ducks swam downstream in frigid waters and then us making snow angels as we soaked in the winter sun.

A little break way from the computer and the cares of this world.

And in disconnecting we reconnect with the one we love.

Revitalizing heart and soul.

And playtime providing power to continue on one day at a time…

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12 thoughts on “Making snow angels…Why playtime is vital for a healthy marriage

  1. Breath taking pics!
    God is an amazing artist!!

    Play time with a spouse is so important and often carving out that time is hard to do, but I’ve always said people will make time for what’s important to them.
    Marriage needs to be high on our priority list because satan wants to destroy the family unit. Viewing “play time” through that lens makes it easier to push “play time” up on our “to-do” lists.

    • Me, too, Glenys. God just pulled out the stops that snowy morning and it was a rare treat in the cold. Glad to hear you have a hubby who has a great sense of humor. Being able to laugh at life and ourselves is an absolute life saver sometimes!! Thanks 🙂

  2. We definitely all need some playtime so I appreciate this reminder, Sheila. Sometimes I can get too serious and be too glued to my to-do list. But I need to sometimes throw it aside and just play. Jeff and I have had some great laughter the past few days as we’ve been dealing with some outside situations that are stressful. But together we’ll get through it, sometimes laughing to keep from crying.

    • You are welcome, Lisa! And I am glad you and Jeff are able to laugh in the face of challenges. Together with Jesus you WILL get through it! And be better for it. Blessings of fun and play I send to you this day… 🙂

    • Lisa, is can be hard in our busy days to do that which may at first pass seem frivolous. But all work and no play stresses us and our marriages sometimes to the outmost limits. After Jesus we must make our marriages and our husbands our next priority. Best blessings to you and yours and thanks for stopping by…

  3. Excellent post, Sheila!

    The times of laughing and playing together are some of my favorite times in my marriage…and they are what I miss most when we’re going through difficult patches…

  4. LOVE those photos, Sheila! Especially with the sun and mist filtering through the trees. I’m so glad you’ve challenged us to get out there or even stay in, but do something active with our mates. Remembering to act like a kid with our mates every once in awhile is bound to reinvigorate our hearts and marriages. Hugs to you! And if you wouldn’t mind, Sheila, pray for my blog. I’ve been having technical issues that I’ve spent most of the day trying to resolve with no success so far. So I thought I’d gather some prayer support. That’s so much better than Google technical support! 😉