Why being thankful makes your marriage happy…


Every time we share a meal we always offer thanks.

First, to Dearest Dad, for He provides it all.

Then my Michael, who usually says the blessing, thanks me for buying the food and preparing the meal.

And I always thank my husband for how hard he works so that we have money for the grocery store.

We have found that a simple practice of giving thanks for the little things helps our marriage grow stronger in big ways.

Thanks, Michael, for my morning tea.

Thanks for putting toothpaste on my brush, Sheil.

All throughout the hours, each of us practicing gratitude and both of us especially thankful for this:

Thank you for loving God as much as you do and for seeking to serve Him better each day. And for investing your heart in me and this marriage.

It’s so very easy in our crazy busy lives to overlook all God gives each day. And in marriage, when we stop being thankful for the gift of our spouse and all they do for us, we fall into the trap of discontent.

Discontent allows discouragement to waltz in. When we choose to dance with discouragement we stumble in despair in a heartbeat. And that makes for one very unhappy marriage.

Unfortunately, the human brain seems hardwired after the fall to focus negatively, overlooking or quickly forgetting the positives. It can be all too easy to complain and tell our spouse what we don’t like.


And the devil so pleased when we do.

So let us choose instead to flip the brain/heart switch from dour to delighting and focus on the excellent, praiseworthy things in our mate and marriage.

Doing this regularly truly makes us happier even if we don’t have everything the way we might want it to be.


Telling your husband or wife thank you every. single. day. will build your connection, ease stress in your marriage, generate more good feelings and create a new positive cycle you can build on.

Gratitude makes partners feel special, appreciated, valued, loved. And when both commit to being highly intentional in practicing gratitude in marriage it builds a fence around hearts, protecting against the little foxes sent by the enemy to destroy unions.

Research also shows that cultivating a spirit of gratitude — instead of complaining all negative — makes you healthier. It reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

So in this season of turkey, trimmings and too much pumpkin pie, offer God and your mate a hearty serving of gratitude. And on Thanksgiving Day why not begin a new tradition to continue every day for all the rest of your days.

Tell your spouse how and why you appreciate them. All the time!

Even if it may seem daunting at first just do it. Start with one small thing to be thankful for and watch how God will bless your obedience and multiply your love gift. Your heart will open in new ways, boosting the love you feel.

And you will begin to see like never before the treasure that is your spouse…

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Blessings to each of you, dear friends, from me and Michael for a wonderful Thanksgiving and a heart filled with gratitude in your marriage and all things.


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4 thoughts on “Why being thankful makes your marriage happy…

  1. Smiling over here because I know how true this is. I haven’t always been good at telling my husband how grateful I am for him, but time apart really does reveal to you all the ways they make a difference. Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours with hubby home now! Everyday God shows me how much I need to keep learning. I write for others, but also for me! Don’t know where you are located but we are having a WHITE Thanksgiving with up to 9 inches expected. Waaaa…I want my flip flops 🙂

    • And Sarah, I think and have experienced that gratitude begets gratitude. Taking that first step opens your heart to be even more grateful and can spill over to the other person making him more grateful, too. Grace and peace and all God’s blessings upon you and your hubby!