God weaves magic into mundane marital routines when your heart is open…

LaundromatSo we had finished the sudsing and the drying at least until next week when we’ll rendevous at the same place, same time.

While I’ve lived far from a sheltered life, I’ve never needed to use a laundromat until last August when we sold our home and downsized to our Little Loft.  I knew the washer and dryer would be sorely missed and I reminded myself to guard against resentment.

For in the early weeks of our transition to apartment life I wasn’t exactly grooving on this bright new world of whirring rows of machines and strangers folding undergarments in public.

I began to dread our weekly late afternoon appointment until I refocused on excellent things and chose to reframe the situation in a positive light.

Obligation transformed into opportunity.

Here was another way to spend one-on-one time together with my husband-best friend while blessing the neighbors He brings near who were pouring capfuls of Tide and tossing Cling Free sheets.

And Laundry Day evolved into Date Night, routine chore ushering in a chance for romance.

We’ve got the job down to a science and are in and out in 90 minutes bringing a pre-sorted basket of laundry that’s divided between three washers and then us heading outside for a brisk walk around the parking lot.

Hand in hand we pray or marvel at God’s beauty in autumn as we pass the cat that crouches eagerly by the woods on the backside of the building. Sometimes we’re quiet. Other times we’re laughing. We run errands to the natural foods store just footsteps away and share a smile as we indulge in a non-dairy “ice cream” treat for two.

Acquainted with the laundromat matron, our weekly visits witness God’s love to her with words about the weather, the news or the baby blanket she is crocheting for her daughter’s expected little one.

And routine rises above the veil as mundane becomes magic when we open our hearts to fully receive all He gives.

For isn’t there much in marriage and in life that is indeed mundane?

But the way in which we perceive and then act on it can be as different as washing whites from darks.

For as we think in our hearts, we are. And a positive outlook is a lifesaver with moments that appear meaningless but are meant to be savored.

Every moment a gift from God.

Yet gifts go unopened when hearts are begrudging and negative.

So minutes pass, the buzzer sounds and our clothes are washed and dried, us folding together the towels and the tee shirts, and then treating ourselves to dinner out.

As new residents on the far side of our county there is much to discover including local eateries and cafes. And we are visiting each one at least once.

And recently as we drove the interstate to our restaurant of the week God pulled out all the stops as He poured light like honey over the hillside in the moments of the passing miles.





Trees still wearing leaves were bathed in that gorgeous light that photographers call the Golden Hour. Cloaks of chestnut, copper, gold and russet dotted the horizon like a warm patchwork quilt that Baba stitched in her rocker on the front porch.

All of it awash in the light of His love.

And I couldn’t hold it in. Over and over I kept saying,

We’re driving through God’s glory.

Glory over hill and dale and leaves and our love until it felt like I was drowning in honey dripping from the comb.

Gorgeous glory a banner of blessing as the sun slipped low, ready for sleep.

Shekinah shining last rays with Love swallowing and me swimming through raw, unfiltered, amber-colored sweetness of the Holy Spirit. Not wanting to come up for air because His breath filling me so full that I floated.

And grace mingling with gratitude as my heart surrounded by such love simply surrendered into the arms of the One who loves me best of all.

Unconditionally and forever.

Holding me suspended in a moment in time that still lingers in love.

Him exceedingly abundantly gifting with more than I could ever imagine.

And me with hands and heart wide open…

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14 thoughts on “God weaves magic into mundane marital routines when your heart is open…

  1. Sheila,
    Thank you for stopping by my place and for your kind comment. I actually read your post this morning but for some reason at that time it would not let me comment. I am delighted to have found your blog because I have been moved by what share. I am particularly drawn to posts on marriages. I just spent ten months apart from my husband (he was deployed) and I can say it really taught me not to take the mundane moments for granted. “Every moment a gift from God.”
    Wishing you a most wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks so much, Beth. So glad you are here and finding a benefit in my posts. Every moment is precious and nothing is ever guaranteed. May we all be ever more thankful. And so sorry about the comment thing. For some unknown reason it dropped off but my onsite tech support (hubby) got it back up after we noticed. Thanks for coming back again to leave a comment. Blessings…

  2. Shelia your post was so encouraging. My dear hubby and I have been married 37 years and we can often miss the fun in mundane. We have had a difficult year – probably the most difficult of our marriage. We are now learning to appreciate each other much more. It must be intentional. Thank you for your recent visit to my little corner of the web. You write beautifully and I know I will be encouraged often with your thoughts.

    • Hello Carmen — so glad the post was a help to you. Whether we are married 37 years or 40 months like us we must always CHOOSE to work at our marriages every single moment. The enemy of all that is good is ever eager to destroy. Looking forward to being mutually encouraged by each other’s posts. Blessings…

  3. Beautiful! Your words, your new home and just taking the mundane and turning it into a way to honor God and strengthen your marriage. I know I would find a weekly trip to the laundromat one more thing to check off my to do list but you have learned how even the ordinary can become extraordinary when God enters in. Have a joyous Thanksgiving!

    • Hi Mary. Always so good to hear from you or visit your blog. And thanks for your kind words. I keep reminding myself to be child-like in all things eg) taking Dad at His word = BELIEVING!, doing what He tells me = OBEYING (not always perfectly!!) and delighting in all His good gifts = BLESSINGS which surround us all the time if our eyes and hearts are open. Wishing you a lovely, lovely THanksgiving. Due to various family things going on Michael and I will be celebrating just the three of us this year — Jesus, Michael and me and we are eager to make some new traditions. Blessings always…

  4. Hi there Sheila, I’m hopping over from Holly Barrett’s again. Those are awesome pictures! So beautiful, and yes God pours out his glory over us. I’m glad you were able to re-frame your laundromat chore into something positive. 🙂

  5. This is just beautiful–not only the photos but the words that remind me that there is always beauty in the mundane–it’s all about our attitude and what we choose to make of each and every situation. May God continue to bless you in your down-sized adventure!

  6. Love this, it’s so true… we have to refocus on what is in front of us in order to allow joy into the mundane and routine. My husband and I have found that folding the laundry on Monday evenings is a great time to reconnect on so much that we miss living in the chaos of raising three small kids.

    I’m going to feature this in Salt & Light this week.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks so much for featuring my post in Salt and Light, Marissa. What a blessing!! And young couples do need to be very creative in carving out time together. There is nothing better that you can give your kids that a strong, loving, Christ-centered marriage. Thanks again. 🙂

  7. “For as we think in our hearts, we are” – and when we see Him all around us, we find God-woven magic in the mundane! Lovely – and so very, very true! Wishing so many more people had that perspective!