Build a better marriage by becoming a better you…Part 1


Marriage is a process of two becoming one. And it is also the sum of it’s partners fitting together.

Jesus. Your husband. And you.

A three-strand cord that will not fray so long as it is woven tight.

The right way. In righteousness.

With brave hearts that choose to trust God more than the circumstances.

With soft hearts that open wide and vulnerable knowing that no matter what comes, God holds them for all eternity.

With humble hearts that seek the good of their mate before their own.

And marriages grow strong when husbands and wives sit at His feet instead of on a throne, going lower in love to give glory to God in the highest.

The couple walking this way comes to know the sweet, irrepressible joy that enwraps and entwines two hearts as only love can.

Peace surpasses understanding.

And it is all good because God is good. Gooder than good.

Focusing on Him and His goodness and all the good gifts He gives you every day helps you become your true self. And true selves have a much easier time being naked and unashamed in marriage, soul and body.

And you build a better marriage moment by moment, choice by choice, by becoming a better you.

Consistently more like Christ.

Choosing to let go simply to receive richly from Father’s hands.

Holding onto Him and your heart filling full so that you overflow with love for your spouse.


And love cascading over your marriage like a waterfall.

Burdens lifting as paradigms shift and your married life going higher.

Yet you can’t give love — or joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control — until you know Love.

Really, truly deep inside. Without a doubt. Believing.

And then live love.

And it is this living love daily in the trenches of married life on earth where light can shine bright.

For when you stop living for Love your marriage grows dark causing you to stumble and fall. And that hurts your heart and his.

But especially His.

And the only way to become your best self is by stealing away with Him, the Lover of Your Soul.

So saturate yourself in His word.

Surrender your heart to thoughts of Him throughout the day.

Seek ways to show God that you’re not just in this Christian life for show.

Let Him be your first waking thought and the last whisper before your eyes shut in sweet slumber.

Nothing less than wanting to please and serve God in love will help you become the woman and wife He created you to be.

And the Rock upon which marriages stand strong is this love of God and devotion to Christ.

For feelings come and feelings go with the ebb and flow of marriage and life. Yet your ever-deepening faith produces hope regardless. And hope floats when you freely open to obey Him, in wild and utter abandon.

Surrendering to those strong Everlasting Arms of invincible love.

And this changes a woman.

Your marriage will become the gift it is meant to be to you and your husband. And to the world. For others are watching you, hoping against hope to see something real. Something they can believe in.



Take His hand, this mighty Lord of Love who is your and your husband’s First Mate in marriage, and never let go, always looking up.

See how He will bless your marriage when you do.

And be amazed…

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We had everything ready to launch for you tonight and I was too excited to wait till morning!! Let me know what you think of the new site. Your comments ALWAYS encourage me. Blessings, my friends…

And tune in Wednesday for practical ways to make your marriage better.

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12 thoughts on “Build a better marriage by becoming a better you…Part 1

    • Thank you, Hazel, for stopping by and for your encouragement. I have been away from linking up with others and will soon be back. Blessings on your revisions and may your reach go further to help and bless others even more!

  1. This is good stuff here. Marriage can be so hard, so it’s encouraging to see you encouraging people in what will make a life-changing difference. I’m glad I linked up near you at the Soli Deo Gloria gathering.

  2. Sheila, Sheila,
    This post is so beautifully powerful and filled with God’s Truth. I have been struggling at 67 to be the woman God created me to be and have most of my life. But I want to be her and am trusting Him to guide me and hold me as I walk with Him. Thank you for these precious and timely words. I saw the title over at Testimony Tuesday and knew I needed to come by.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Dear Linda — my heart is touched by your tender words of wanting to be evermore God’s girl! And be assured that your words have travelled to the Father’s heart and He is delighted. He will tax the farthest star to accomplish His will in your life. He is well pleased with our every effort towards holiness, Linda, even when we stumble so long as we keep getting up. Keep looking up and never give up. God is for us. Sending you love and hugs xxoo

    • Oh thanks so much, Jen. It was a HUGE undertaking spanning 37 days and without my hubby’s help I would have been lost with the myriad tech issues. So grateful for his tech guru genius!! I will be sending you that image later today for Friday’s post. Sorry I did not get to you sooner, but I know you understand. Blessings, my friend, and thanks again!!

  3. Good morning. I found you through Holly Barrett and so glad I did. I look forward to exploring your beautiful place and getting to know you better. This post was simply wonderful. Blessings.

    • Hey Beth…thanks so much for stopping by and for LIKEing my page. Looking forward to visiting your blog soon and getting to know you better, too. Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. Hi Sheila, I found you through Holly Barrett too. I especially love this: “So saturate yourself in His word….Surrender your heart to thoughts of Him throughout the day…Seek ways to show God that you’re not just in this Christian life for show…Let Him be your first waking thought and the last whisper before your eyes shut in sweet slumber.”

    Thanks for this encouragement to seek to grow in Christ. When our priorities are straight, our marriages are blessed! Congratulations on your new site, and best wishes. Look forward to following you!