On trusting God…

Bridge and River

When we are hard pressed on every side and we can’t see the way out or even the way through it can be so hard to trust God.

And our worries take us on a wild ride, don’t they?

As difficult as it is to trust in the dark we must.

Choosing with our will, the will that knows that God is good all the time and can be counted on time and time again.

And filtering it all through Love which is the greatest of all things.

We trust by relying on the faith that has been growing one day at a time, through good and bad. Faith in a faithful God who really does have good plans for us. Who has come through for us time and again.

With hope for the future.

So let’s just sit there a moment, shall we?


Shutting our ears to the lies that scare us.

Letting Him hold us as our hearts open more fully in trust…


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