He never has a right to hit you…October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month


You’re fighting. A lot. His anger fuming.

And one night he reaches out, grabs you and hurls you hard against the wall.

Just to make his point.

Only the point is that a man NEVER has the right to hit or slam or punch or try to choke a woman. {Unless his own life is at risk.}

And you need to escape!

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Call today and get the help you need. National Domestic Violence Hotline  1-800-799-7233

And RUN if you are trapped in an abusive marriage or relationship. GET OUT NOW.

Abusers RARELY ever change.

You do not deserve to be abused no matter what he tells you. Not verbally, emotionally, physically or sexually. And neither do husbands deserve to be abused.


And I cannot say this loudly enough. GET OUT if you are being abused. This goes a long way for women but it also applies to men!

When you are caught in an abusive marriage or relationship you lose yourself bit by bit and you can’t think straight after a while. You accept abuse as if it was normal. As if you deserve it.

But you don’t deserve abuse.

In your own co-dependency you stick around hoping he or she will change, allowing your mind to falsely believe that just because they act nice once in a while they are changing.

But without an honest-to-God surrender in Christ that is proven over time, change will not come.

Dysfunctional cycles never stop until someone stands up and breaks the cycle.

And the shame, fear and denial that go along with it.

While three women are KILLED every day in the U.S. at the hands of their abusive partners, men and husbands get abused too but their wounds are not as visible. And while their lives may be spared, their hearts are killed a little each day.

With a wife’s mean and ugly words deriding and disrespectful.

Her anger and control screaming.

Spending excessively and sex withholding or manipulating.

And that is just as wrong yet often goes unreported and unnoticed.

God doesn’t want any of us abused.

And like I chose some 11 years ago, you can LEAVE your abuser and never look back.

You can leave and live.

Because YOU are worth it. You are of great value. Your life matters. God loves you like crazy.

And abuse is NEVER your fault.

Be brave today. Call the hotline. Report your abuser. Take your children and go to a safe place.

National Domestic Violence Hotline  1-800-799-7233

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