Summer slips and life fades when we don’t live slow with intention…



Sweet and sultry summer leaves us tonight as autumn pushes in with the equinox at 10:29 p.m. EDT.

Days at the beach and laughter long into the night as fire flies flicker has slipped away again.

No matter how hard I try to hold on summer leaves turn the hillside ablaze and the summers of a lifetime slip away just as quickly when we race from one “emergency” to the next, forgetting that our time on earth is a gift.

And life should be lived slowly with great intention.

But a heart can flit like summer fleets until one day with a sudden sureness it’s gone.

Tomorrows that stretched endlessly on the front end of life when it seemed like we were looking out over the ocean on a July afternoon when there was no end in sight to all that water or all that summer are all used up.

We ache to squeeze in one more day at the shore, one more night at the fair, yet time swims away from us and it’s all grace.


As 2014 dawned I wrote that our one word was Intentional.

And as the year unfolded my plans for it didn’t. And as Robbie Burns was fond of saying the best laid plans of mice and {wo}men oft times go Gang aft agley.

With October around the corner and my 55th birthday next month and my Michael and me always wanting to honor God more intentionally in our life and our marriage I realize how easy it is to get caught up in the swirl.

But isn’t it not my will but Thine be done? And sometimes God shakes up our agenda in order to wake us up.

And summer overflowed with love in ways we couldn’t anticipate in January.

And sometimes our tempers too as we fought for control, one spouse set against the other.

God is in control.

We need to make our plans but open our hands and pray and set intentions for our life, but we also need to keep our hearts open to God’s greater plans.

Sometimes that means not crossing items off our list but instead loving on our family.

Or running away for a day to celebrate God, and life and love.

For we only have so many moments. We need to savor them before they’re gone.


And my friend, Laura at The Wellspring is releasing a new book next month and her words speak to my heart as they so often do and seem to fit with the focus of my post although I didn’t plan on reading her announcement today.

So God!

There will never be enough summer days to do everything we want to do. And we may not get to cross every item off our bucket lists. And we will always be working on our marriages and others relationships to make them the most God-honoring they can be.

We must choose wisely and listen closely, following our hearts as they heed His call.

For as it is with summer so go the moments of our life…


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2 thoughts on “Summer slips and life fades when we don’t live slow with intention…

  1. Good word for this oh so busy season of harvest and preparation! Today I am intentionally stopping and taking a breath and savoring the changes in the air with my Savior.