View from Longings End…Ocean of grace



Ocean of grace.

Water of life.

And the Spirit’s siren call beckons souls to come, walking on the water. Unafraid. Trusting.

I’ve only just dipped my big toe.

Because trusting can be scary. Even trusting God. Even though He’s always been good, always works everything out.

He keeps calling us to come further out. With Him into the deep.

Yet we are little Much-Afraids, aren’t we?


Broken like shell fragments lining the shore.


For that’s what happens when we get hurt or used. Disappointed and abandoned.

And we’ve been waiting all our lives for someone to say I really love you. No matter what.

And He has because He does. And He’s not going anywhere.

But life happens and the sun it slips away and darkness falls all around us. And the awful swirls like a raging storm on every side. Terrifying.

We don’t want to lose sight of the shore, get in over our heads, need to be rescued by the Only One who can save us. We would rather pretend we have it all under control.  So we keep on kicking. We are strong swimmers who can take care of ourselves.

Seeking survival instead of our Savior.

And we might last but we won’t be living.


Because those wild winds keep blowing and our fingers slowly slip one by one as we try to stay tethered to the dock.

Those wood pilings gone in a gale.

We need to hang our hope on the One who hung on that wooden cross up there at that place of grace where evil got shut down.

And He rose up.

He is our life preserver and He sets us free when we surrender.

And let grace swallow us.

Becoming vulnerable yet no longer a victim.

And falling in love and true intimacy with Him who can keep us from falling.


Wave upon wave washing over us.

Grace glistening.

Grace cleansing.

Life dripping real…


We slipped away one glorious late summer day earlier this month. Tasting the salty air. Savoring the wind at our backs.

And  I’ve been asking myself how much of my heart does He really hold? How much do I still hold back? And why? And it is in Him that all these answers lie.

So we press onward until His grace swallows us completely, in over our heads yet breathing deeply.

Come along, won’t you?

Blessings on your weekend, my friends.


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2 thoughts on “View from Longings End…Ocean of grace

  1. These words are precious and profound Sheila. May we toe-dip less and surrender more, to the one who can keep us from falling. Love this.