When life gets crazy married couples must intentionally cling and connect…


Life can get crazy sometimes.

Busy. Rushed. Exhausting.

And it can start to crowd out the us in marriage.

But as stress levels rise, pulling couples apart, they need to fight against the tendency to isolate from each other and choose to come closer together.

For the crazy busy will just keep rolling — even for those of us who try to keep things simple. And all that crazy can roll right over romance and connection and your friendship with the person with whom you share your life.

No matter how bustling life gets there is always time to slow down for the truly important things.

Like breathing out. Slowly.

Laughing together.


Or sailing away for an afternoon to remember the day you became one.

And sometimes dancing on a bridge high over the Hudson River. With sunlight streaming. And open blue skies freeing your soul to fly away from all the stress and demands for a little while.

When it’s just you and your man. In his arms. Side by side. Forgetting bills and jobs and even the kids for a bit.




Making time to just be a couple. Connecting and clinging like in the early days before all the distractions.

For if couples don’t protect their bond they set themselves up for a host of issues. When we get disconnected from our spouse it makes us cranky. We feel all alone in the world. We tend to see their flaws instead of how much they add blessing to our days.

And marriages don’t usually break up in a day.

It takes countless days of careless acts piled one on top of the other until the marriage fades. Bonds that are meant to last a lifetime fray and hearts go to pieces.

And your union gets all shaky.

So, maybe your job requires long hours away from home. Perhaps your working towards an advanced degree in the evenings. Maybe you’re in the process of moving {eeeks!} or just feeling breathless from all the back-to-school activity and fighting the crowds for school supplies.

Whatever the craziness that’s swirling in your marriage…it’s not as important as preserving your marriage.

Things and activities and even careers will come and go. Children grow up and leave the nest. But your husband is your husband until death do you part. Your one-flesh covenant partner.

He is your dearest friend in all the world. The man you make love to. The one you pledged your life to on that glorious day when the world stood still and the stars spun in the heavens.

And protecting and nurturing your marriage honors God, since marriage is His glorious idea and the basis of strong societies.

Don’t let life kill your marriage {or make it strained and sick}.

As hard as you work in other areas, work harder to keep married romance alive.

And here’s to years of happier ever afters…


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5 thoughts on “When life gets crazy married couples must intentionally cling and connect…

  1. I’m going to give this a try here and see if it works, Sheila. It seems like we were on the same page based on the topic we both blogged about. It’s a challenge that must always be presented, even as we grow older and “know a thing or two about life and marriage.” 😉 Thanks for your eloquent encouragement, my friend and I look forward to the new look around here.

    • Sometimes the comments get through, sometimes not. Our upgrade, which was going to launch on my birthday Oct. 8, has been moved up to next weekend and we are praying all will be ready for Monday Sept. 8. Fingers crossed! Will talk more on FB.

  2. “It takes countless days of careless acts piled one on top of the other until the marriage fades. Bonds that are meant to last a lifetime fray and hearts go to pieces.”

    LOVE this. I’m in my twenties with lots of young married friends, and I see so many of them choosing careers, school, and busyness over their marriages. Those little things really do add up! Thanks for this reminder…will be sharing with some of the other wives in my church small group!

    • Thank you dear Lauren. I love hearing from young brides who are wise. I was not early on and it caused great harm. But you and hubby are off to a wonderful start!! Blessings and hugs.