When we look for a shortcut out of our misery and wanting…



Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own way of doing life that we forget all about the One who is life.

We choose to sin, thinking it is a shortcut out of our misery and wanting.

It never is and we wind up going down deeper into a black pit of our own making.

Testing God and His goodness at every turn with little gratitude for who He is and all He has done for us in the past.

We whine, complain and moan, focused solely on our own soul’s longings.

What we lack, what we dislike, what we seek to change or control.

Instead of lifting our hearts and minds to the heavenly places where Christ sits at the right hand of the Father praying His heart out for our wayward hearts.

At times like these we stop truly believing in God and His glorious power to not only save us, but provide and protect. And give us joy in the journey even when the road is long and dusty and we keep twisting our ankle on the rocks strewn along the way.

But God.

And praise God.

He never forgets us and is never late.

And He is never remiss to catch us when we are falling, arms outstretched like they were on the cross. He knows what we need and supplies it all. He understands that our hearts and flesh are weak.

And in the weaknesses of our lower nature, we can choose to sin – in pride, fear or jumping to conclusions of the most negative sort. Yet we believe we are right as we fall prey to the lies of the liar. And it can take a while before we can feel, like Paul, the anguish in our souls from having fallen again.

Yet He pours out compassion on us time and time again, mercy unending.

So let us not forget that He is King over all, holding all, in control of all, and we are here to serve Him through our obedience.

Serving Him not us.

Bowing, recounting His blessings and humbly asking forgiveness…


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