When you’re moving and you can’t get enough of God’s grace…

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Like the fleeting hours of my favorite season sleep is short these days.

Yet the to-do list is long and hours pass quickly.

I am busier than ever with a houseful of grown kids for the summer and with closing up this old place as we prepare to close on the sale of our home in early August.

So I haven’t been able to write as much at Longings End and I thank you kindly for grace in understanding.

And humbly ask for a million prayers during this wonderful, crazy, exhausting transition.

I am working on a post, however, which I hope to put up Friday or Saturday.

Until then here is one of my favorites on the only thing that passes more quickly than summer.

Our children’s childhoods.

Click here to read that post.

And God bless you for your patience and love…


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2 thoughts on “When you’re moving and you can’t get enough of God’s grace…

  1. All the best with selling your home and moving, Sheila and Michael! A massive job, but may you know God’s grace and peace through it all…
    Will take a look at that post now 🙂

    • Thanks, Ali. We closed on August 8 and the dust has just about settled in our new place. But I. AM. EXHAUSTED! from the last 5 or 6 weeks. All good but such a huge change. Thankfully, God never changes and His grace is sufficient! xxoo