Summer morning splendid and suspended and my heart melting…


Slightly sweet scent of freshly sliced and very ripe cantaloupe greets me as I pad softly into the kitchen this morning.

Bowls of apricots, skin like micro-fiber velour, and bright red tomatoes still attached to the vine, rest on the counter.

All but one other than myself still slumbers. Him my beloved other. And our empty nest home now full of children grown returned for a season.

All of us together under one roof. Again.

Season of healing and of tying up loose ends as this old house — home to me and my three sons for so long and home to me and him, my wedded darling, for the last three years after so many days and nights alone — seems ready to pass on to a new owner.

And in saying so long to the home where my heart has hung for more than two decades, I embrace the gifts of past, present and future laid out before me.

So many gifts for my heart to hold. Opening each one slow in order to savor. To tuck away in memory for days ahead when winter winds whip cold.

Bravely and gratefully greeting each new day as it slides off the calendar as fast as my once little boys of summers long ago would glide down the big metal slide at the schoolyard.


Glorious season stretching before me with gregarious color everywhere and spilling from window boxes and sunlight long as it leans into evenings still but for the sound of crickets and children laughing.

Cracking open French doors to let in morning and birdsong sweet as prayers of praise and my heart soaring heavenward with the sheer pleasure of the moment.

Suspended and splendid.


Dawn has brightened the sleeping sky and slowly infused it with a blue like that of robin’s eggs. Limbs out back lush as key limes fill my view and willows languid blow lazily in the gentle morning breeze.

All of it such good gifts from a sweet Father who loves without limit. Me and him. My babies and their loves so big. You.

And my heart melting on an early summer morning late in June…


Blessings on your weekend, friends! And my apologies for being absent these last few days from blogging, but with the pending house sale and waiting for contracts to sign, looking at local apartments and tending to beloved family members these blessedly long hours of summer seem fleetingly short. Thank you for grace…



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