How you and your husband can have a romantic date night for less than $13…


Moments pass and the years go by and the river of life keeps flowing.

And we get caught up in the hectic hurry and the busy busy of our rush-here-and-there lives.

With so many demands on time our marriages can easily get overlooked. We forget that we are lovers and best friends first, not just working partners or harried parents.

Slowly we begin to drift. And the special in moments too few and far between pass without notice.

But life is made up of special occasions in moments meant to be savored. Especially in marriage.

After our relationship with God, our relationship with each other in marriage comes before all other relationships.

God first, marriage second, children and family third.

Even if your kids are very little, making your husband a priority over your children will bless your babies more than you can imagine.


So after a busy week with a new marketing initiative and lots of writing, a birthday/new job celebration, house guests that have come home again for a season, a dinner party with dear friends, an ulnar nerve injury and one sleepless night we looked forward to our weekly get-away-from-it-all wedded date.

Only as dream chasers in the second half of life {instead of gerbil wheel runners} we don’t have lots of dollars to spare!

Maybe you don’t either.

So here’s how God turned a minimal budget into a priceless experience.


Late in a Sunday afternoon, as we discussed what to have for dinner, we opted for a married date en plein air.

We grabbed our cooler, filled commuter cups with ice water, packed a table cloth and plates and the book we are reading together, and headed to the grocery store for a rotisserie chicken, some potato salad and summer slaw.

Blessed with nearby beauty in and around our valley, we drove a short distance to a favorite park in town that offers amazing views.

The afternoon had clouded up a bit and gotten chilly so we were glad for the blanket in the trunk. On the way over I silently asked God to “reserve” the upper pavilion overlooking our beautiful Hudson River for just me and my Michael. My other prayer was that before we left the park the sun would come out from hiding.

And God, that Master of Romance and Designer of Marriage, pulled out all the stops to provide a splendid and memorable afternoon into evening.

Giving thanks at our private table for two we exhaled to inhale all the sights and sounds and I thought how this was better than a gourmet meal at a 5-star riverside restaurant.


Everything was green and the sun showed up in all its glory chasing away the chill and flooding us with healing light.

And eating outside makes everything taste better, don’t you agree?

An avian chorus sang the sweetest tunes with mocking birds providing great diversity. A black headed grosbeak with lovely yellow plumage lighted on a branch overhead as we relaxed in Adirondack chairs and enjoyed the peace.


And then a crane flew over the river resplendent in grace and glory.

Moments later we caught sight of another crane, this one on a barge pulled slowly along by a mighty little tug.


Two cranes and we are wondering what God is telling us.

We remembered that the crane is a popular symbol in Asian culture. Googling we learn that it is considered a messenger of God, symbolizing communion with God. In China, it represents long life and happiness.

As a water bird it also represents going with the flow of life. Seeing a crane in flight as we did draws attention upward, inspiring trust in God. Mating for life, the crane is a common symbol for loyalty and successful marriage.


And the romance of our time near the river lasted long into the evening and on into dreamland as once again we saw how investing in our marriage helps it become the stuff of which dreams are made.

Regularly practicing romance in a marriage of mutual love and respect is like the river flowing ever onward, changing but staying the same, with the life giving water of the word of God overflowing hearts joined in unity and peace serving as a compass.

And little things of love long remembered — like our weekly wedded dates — bonding hearts ever more as one…


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8 thoughts on “How you and your husband can have a romantic date night for less than $13…

  1. Hi Sheila! Cheap date nights are the best! We have a homemade pizza in candlelight dinners occasionally. The kids are there, but somehow it seems romantic! Until someone tips the candle onto the pizza! Lol Driving around at dusk, enjoying nature, is a favorite of ours too. It’s the togetherness that matters rather than the money spent, we’ve learned! Blessings!

  2. Such a special date with such beautiful simplicity all surrounded by love. You have blessed me this day by visiting Being Woven and again by me coming here. My husband and I celebrate our 21st anniversary this week and am reminded that every day is an anniversary to celebrate with this special man in my life too. May God continue to intertwine us as we grow in age.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda