An open letter to my niece on her first Mother’s Day…and to moms everywhere words of encouragement for the journey of motherhood


My dearest Allie —

I remember your birth as if it were just a few days ago.

Gazing at your tiny face and those little fingers and toes.

Holding you as you slept.

Changing your diapers.

And now you are changing his, your sweet little man.


The journey of motherhood has just begun for you, but you will blink a few times and Easton will be all grown up.

For time never stands still, Allie, never waits. And moments lost are lost forever.

So make every moment of mothering your son — every moment of your life — count, packing them with purpose and lots and lots of love all patient and kind.


And mothering a child will take everything you’ve got and even more. And when you reach a moment where you don’t know what to do — or you’re so exhausted you cry right along with your baby — remember that God is watching over all.

He tends his flock like a shepherd:
    He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
    he gently leads those that have young.
Isaiah 40:11

So to you, my dear niece all grown up, may your very first Mother’s Day hold all sorts of special blessings that you will long treasure in your mother’s heart. I love you, Allie.

And if I could turn back time to when your three cousins where little boys there would be a thing or two I would do differently having the wisdom and experience of this side of motherhood, nest now empty.

Hindsight yielding the greatest lessons.

So for you and moms everywhere, may my humble words be of value as you shepherd your children’s hearts and celebrate Mother’s Day — words gleaned from having done much wrong in my early years of first marriage and mothering, learning the hard way, and losing much. And my babies losing, too.


>>When a woman becomes a mother her entire world changes as she falls deeply in love with this new little person who grew under her heart. She fills with all consuming love and joy and everything is full of wonder. And no matter how old her child is, he or she will always be her baby.

>>Yet motherhood is a holy calling, a sacred privilege, entrusting a woman to raise and mold a baby to become a fine, upstanding man or woman. There are times when this will scare you to death and you will wonder if your stumbling on the path is ruining your child. But God’s grace is bigger than all our mothering mistakes and messes.

>> The most important gift you can give your child is to love and respect their daddy well. And to work at creating a strong, marriage. A woman is usually a wife first before she is a mother and that will always be her primary role.

>>Strengthening communication with your husband and spending special time alone together dating each other your whole life through will go a long way in growing a lifelong marriage. So will praying together. A solid marriage gives children security and a firm foundation upon which to launch their own lives.

>>When it’s you and him against the kids make sure you are always in your husband’s corner. Present to your children a unified parental front.

>>Discipline your sons and daughters in agreement with each other and settle your differences in parenting behind closed doors. May neither you nor your spouse forget this. When parents are pitted against each other, children can use the opportunity to their advantage. And that will ultimately be their disadvantage.

>>More is caught than taught so teach your children well by your own example. Some mothers instruct their children to do as they say, but truly it’s more important that they see you doing the right thing consistently. You are their first teacher.

>>And sometimes we have to play catch up and grow up right alongside our babies. God is a good Father and wonderful Counselor who gives us wisdom and courage to change and for all the challenges along the way.

>>Spend time and lots of it with your babies for babies grow up much too fast. Careers are wonderful and important and women have much to offer in that arena but childhood lasts only for a heartbeat in time. One hundred years from now what will matter most is that you made a difference in the life of your children.

>>When you mess up, and all mothers do, humble yourself and tell your children you are sorry, that you are wrong for having overreacted. Ask them to forgive you. And older moms, it is never too late to do this. Children are wonderfully forgiving and tremendously loving.

>>Remember to breathe in all the moments and record them in your heart. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Laundry can wait till tomorrow.

>>Speak positive words of truth in love. Never punish your children in anger only discipline in love.

>> Little things mean the most. Laugh easily and often.

>>And hug your babies all. the. time.

~aunt sheila

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2 thoughts on “An open letter to my niece on her first Mother’s Day…and to moms everywhere words of encouragement for the journey of motherhood

  1. Dear Sheila
    What a wonderful, TRUE message!! Thank you so much for your love and concern when I was taking a blogging break. It meant so much to me. Yes, dear friend, we more often than not, grow-up alongside our children. My oldest got married three weeks ago and yesterday he was still a baby…!
    Blessings xx

    • SOOOO happy to see you back, Mia!! And congrats on gaining a daughter-in-love. Glad you liked the message and glad our Daddy says it is never too late for us to learn a thing or two. Blessings of love, peace, joy and great good health. Keep in touch, my friend. xxoo