When we can’t reach all the way…


No matter how mighty our striving we will never reach all the way without the help and grace of our glorious Almighty.

Yet we keep spinning circles crazy and us getting so tired, scared and weak.

And always in our weakness, Him stronger.

So why do we sometimes resist His help, His hand always outstretched to us?


So let’s humble right now, right where we are, in the midst of all our struggles we cannot fix.

And let Him…

And since I love collaborating with my writing partner-husband, here is a poem my Michael composed that shares these sentiments in verse.

Have you ever reached out
With your hands towards God,
Just to find you couldn’t reach out all the way?
For the troubles and the cares
Of this world have got you down,
And you find it isn’t easy to pray?
And you’re angry and frustrated
By things you don’t understand;
When the going gets rough —
Take His hand.

In the darkness there’s a Light
An outstretched endless, loving hand
One that can span the empty space
Our hearts can’t reach.
“You are weak but I am strong
I give you rest, I bring you peace,
When the going gets hard take My hand!
And when you’re angry and frustrated
By things you don’t understand;
When life gets rough —
Know I AM!”
Copyright 1984  M.D. Kimball

~michael and sheila
All our longings end in love

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One thought on “When we can’t reach all the way…

  1. I’m so thankful that even when I don’t feel like taking His hand, He still takes mine. He holds me even when I’m throwing a tantrum like my toddler!
    What a great God we have.
    Great poem Michael, thanks for sharing it, Sheila.