Coming undone…why following Jesus is unsafe and unequivocally what we must do


Following Jesus is not safe.

Yet it is the only true security.

Messiah messes with our mind. And life. Turning us upside down and inside out where nothing is hidden anymore.

And everything is possible.

Interrupting our careful plans and contrived measures taken to keep ourselves safe down the road unseen.

He bids us come.

Leaving behind what we think keeps us safe to embrace all He has for us and in so doing becoming all He has planned for us to be.

Foregoing the creature comforts safely tucked behind our garden gate guarded.

Because to live our life for Jesus with complete abandon means there will be times we feel completely unsafe and uncomfortable, future unknown.

He calls us to this Land of Un where there is always just enough light for the next step. Following, we come undone line upon line and precept upon precept until there is more of Him and less of us and He can bring us into our Promised Land. And unless we commit unequivocally to lose our lives in order to find them we will forever be Much Afraid never seeing the High Places.

And the view from the lowlands is quite limited. And limiting.

And the place where dreams die.

Do we want to hear Him say at the end of our life, What were you thinking, my precious Little Faith, remaining tethered at the shore when I wanted you to sail with me across the deep, fulfilling my plans for you and through you to others?

We don’t want the ship to sail on the grandest adventure ever because we are too afraid to jump.

We don’t want to miss out truly living because we thought it best to stay locked in a nowhere just because we perceived it safest.

If we keep living within the boundaries of the boxes we carefully construct corrugated never thinking for ourselves, never daring to risk,  but merely accepting what others say or teach about life and love we will slowly suffocate.

And in conforming like the crowd pressing us on every side, we’ll choke complacently on prescribed rules and regulations of tradition preserved and passed on generation upon generation.

Generation next will move through the line slowly towards slaughter, following the herd and nothing will ever change. And the church may keep sleeping if we The Church don’t shake ourselves awake and get moving.

For Aslan is on the move and we must follow.

And while good and kind and ever faithful, He is definitely dangerous in the very best way.

“Safe?” said Mr. Beaver; “don’t you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”
~C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

And this Lion of Judah licks our wounds — wounds like wells deep with waters fetid sinful — and kisses our faces to wake us from our slumber safe. There is still time to hear Him roar if we incline our ears and hearts and stop thinking so much about what we have learned coming up through the ranks good and bad and follow our hearts — implanted with His seed of love true and brave — and climb upon His back, holding tight His mane.

He will take us places faraway where life inside the story He writes for us waits.

And I think in the middle of the night when our hearts may falter fearful He encourages us to recount His faithfulness in all those times we were obedient and more so when we went our own way, making His spirit weep.

Always the same words over and over in 66 love letters preserved as a present to those who will receive.

I have loved you with an everlasting love…

Come away with me…

I will be with you until the end of the age…

Isn’t it time to lay down our SAL {Selfish American white picket Life} and pick up our cross that is our calling deep unto deep from long ago beyond the stars, right inside our hearts.

I AM the way, the truth and the life.

Real life.

Untamed, unbidden, unreserved.

And when we tremble a tad we’ll remember He is as good as His promises. The cattle on a thousand hills are His and not one sparrow falls that He doesn’t see, and He loves us to the moon He created and back and all around, far beyond what we can imagine.

Love pure and true and everlasting that has no fear and makes us brave.

He begs us to hear Him calling like He called the 12 and them following.

Come away with me leaving what you know to venture into the Great Unknown that I know all about and the way prepared for you every step of the journey called life. But unlike life as you know it. My life for you. SEEKER

And the narrow path He calls us to trod is truly mind-blowing, heart-expanding expansive. We have no idea the plans He has for us but we have His word that they are all good with hope for the future and us prospering with things of kingdom value.

Royal sons of Adam and daughters of Eve rise up in His splendor.

And go…

All our longings end in love

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One thought on “Coming undone…why following Jesus is unsafe and unequivocally what we must do

  1. Oh yes…if we define safety as in the arms of love, then He is safe. But when we define safe as easy and untroubled for us, then nope, He has SO MUCH MORE for us that that. I love your SAL acronym! Coming over from Playdates at the Well link-up.