Black lace and grace… Or how God loves us through sleepless nights

black laceMy Sheila has been experiencing problems with her eyes, declaring that she sometimes sees “black lace” in her field of vision. The reason may be as simple as eyestrain–she spends a good amount of time on the computer writing. Another key factor may be lack of sleep: the past several nights have found her catching only a handful of hours in restful repose. For hours on end she is battling insomnia.

I’ve become aware, over the two-and-a-half years of our marriage, that insomnia among women is more common than I realized and my heart goes out to all those, men and women alike, who find it hard to get a good night’s rest. Fatigue is a bear to cope with, a draining malady that tends to sap one’s energy and accents the gloomier aspects of life. Knit a garment of sleepless nights and, not surprisingly, you find yourself beholding black lace.

That’s where grace comes in…

You see, Sheila and I haven’t a clue as to why God allows this particular trial in our lives. (As a married couple, what affects one affects us both!) After all, doesn’t Sheil need a set of well-rested eyes to keep cranking out posts, emails and social media updates that help bring words of healing love, hope and faith to others? Wouldn’t our marital relationship benefit from the stress-reducing rhythm of a steady stream of blissful nights’ sleep?

God knows…

And that’s the key: God knows and his grace is sufficient. And how would we ever take Paul’s claim, forged in the fires of his distress and make the truth of it ours without our own trials, perfectly tailored for our good and God’s glory? The common sayings of faith we give mental assent to must become truths we are convinced of in the depths of our being. Until then they are to us facts, not yet living truths.

May sleepless nights have their way here in our home until they have accomplished all the good that Father intends for them. By that time, I suspect that, should he tell us that they are to be lifted, we may find ourselves asking him to let such heart transforming nights of black lace and grace come now and then to visit…


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2 thoughts on “Black lace and grace… Or how God loves us through sleepless nights

  1. I struggle lately with vision problems in regard to print. New glasses and subsequent trips to the eye doctor so far have not helped. My eyes have scars on them from RK surgery years ago and apparently that is causing my vision to change all throughout the day and recently making reading very difficult or impossible without a magnifier in hand. So frustrating, but thanks for the reminder that His grace is sufficient.

    • Such struggles remind us what precious gift our senses are to us! God grant wisdom to both you and those involved in trying to help you with your vision challenges, LaDonna. Have no doubt that, wrapped in every trial, is Father’s gift of unbounded grace and the comfort and strength of his Spirit.