A woman caught. Stones waiting to be hurled. And Jesus writing a message in the dust.

Men high-tailing it out of there because – like us – they’re just dirty dust without Christ.

And Jesus knowing all we’ve been through; the hard stuff that has hurt us and others either from our own sins or theirs.

I was once a woman caught in the middle of two masters.

Me or Him.

Me won for a long time until my heart got broken enough for Light to start seeping through the cracks.

And in my brokenness He whispered for me to take His hand and follow, promising that He would work all things for good.

Years before I met and married my Michael, when I was dusting my china cabinet one day, Jesus wrote on my heart in that dust, helping my heart to heal.

Sitting in a box all dusty was the ivory and gold wedding plate, a gift from my first marriage. That relationship began in high school and lasted 12 years and produced three sons before dad left one warm June morning. I remained holding the baby in my arms with his brothers clinging to my legs.

Hiding behind dusty wine glasses was a bride and groom cake topper from a short lived second marriage to a man I had met at church. That rebound relationship was marred by emotional and physical abuse. Cops, courts and orders of protection quickly became the order of the day.

Examining these lovely Lenox pieces I wondered why I still had them…


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for the rest of my story on searching for love
and finally finding that God had loved me all along.
And how He spoke to my heart with broken pieces of Lenox
and kept me from breaking irreparably…

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