When water becomes wine in your marriage…


Let {us} dwell in your tent forever!
    Let {us} take refuge under the shelter of your wings!
Psalm 61:4

A marriage of two who follow the One can be like fine wine.

Better over time.

But it won’t be easy every step of the journey because while marriage is a blessing, God’s word says it is not without troubles in this life.

And my Michael and me, we both know a lot about the troubles in marriage for we went down broken pathways before God saw fit to join our hearts and set us on the road of life together.

Perhaps because it was so long in coming — with us so long in learning and choosing to obey —  that we so very much cherish what He has given us in our marriage, friendship, and love affair in the Lord.

To honor Him and show our gratitude we purpose to keep our marriage balanced and beautiful, giving more to each other than taking in order to glorify God.

Yet we can only do this to the extent that we rely on His grace.

And His word that keeps us on track for we are not perfect, nor without momentary hurts or tiny divisions when the little foxes {never hungry wolves, please Lord} are afoot.

By placing our marriage in the keeping of the Good Shepherd who guards our souls those little foxes will not spoil the vineyard of wedded bliss between lambs.

So we lie down together under the covering of the Lion of Judah.

Seeking truth together we work hand in hand pulling weeds in our own hearts, those dusty distractions choking east of Eden that can encroach upon our marriage if we are not mindful.

Breaking up rocky soil as soon as we stub a toe so that new seeds planted in love can take root easily and produce a good batch of grapes into wine. And the Son shines down life giving love to tender shoots and the water of the word is as the dew on Mount Hermon.

And two become increasingly grafted together as one.

Jesus prunes back branches dead and prickly from our bad habits, attitudes and sins making our union stronger and sweeter with the water of the word becoming wine in our hearts squeezed tender by truth, mingled with love for a lovely bouquet that lingers at the finish.

Best saved for last when both hearts open to hear the voice of the one who is Love.

And words at the wedding falling softly from the mother’s lips.

Do whatever He says.

And what a treasure it proves when we take heed having learned to incline our hearts and come to Him, listening so that our marital union may live.

Thriving and surviving any onslaught from the enemy.

Always our hearts crying out to Him for protection, direction and blessing for there will always be little foxes prowling, distorting and seeking to destroy.

Hear my cry, O God,
    listen to my prayer;
from the end of the earth I call to you
    when my heart is faint.
Lead me to the rock
    that is higher than I,
for you have been my refuge,
    a strong tower against the enemy.
Psalm 61:1-3


Unguarded, the enemy can swoop into a marriage as pride with self a stealer so we steel our hearts against the sin that so easily entangles like it has in our past when so much was lost.

For marriage and love are gifts fragile and worth careful tending lest they tumble and break, scattering like stones loose especially if the foundation is built on sand instead of the Rock.

But a marriage well tended is a vineyard flowing sweet and music lifts on the night air like a living poem and husbands and wives are couplets and their love flows golden as the first blush of dawn.

Clinging to the vine, ripe and ready to burst, complete in Him and each other, resting secure in truth real and true, wisdom calling at the gate and hearts once alone and aching now full and at peace.

Married love sweeter than wine.

And us drinking deeply…

All our longings end in love.

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16 thoughts on “When water becomes wine in your marriage…

  1. Dear Sheila
    I always say that when the husband treats his wife like a princess, he will be her King. Just like Jesus gave and still gives His bride His saving Life ((Rom5:10) daily, we cannot but love Him as our Eternal Bridegroom.
    Blessings xox

  2. Dear Sheila, Loved your post. Your Blog inspires me. Marriage is such a blessing and an amazing idea from God. The foundation of everything. That’s why it’s always under attack. Like you said we should “Always (have) our hearts crying out to Him for protection, direction and blessing for there will always be little foxes prowling, distorting and seeking to destroy.” Beautiful post, have a blessed week 🙂

  3. Sheila, your post flows like a melody, soft and sweet. Such beauty is in your words and such encouragement for a single woman. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow! This was beautiful! You have a wonderful way with words and your words touch deep into the heart! Thanks for sharing and for linking up with Marriage Monday! Glad I stopped by even though a big late! 🙂