Life’s moments are fragile so intentionally handle with care…

SNOWY 4 Copyright 2013 Sheila Kimball

If my whining about winter had won out I would have missed the gift of the moment.

A couple of weeks ago when it was colder than cold I didn’t much want to venture out late in the afternoon just to pick up a reserved DVD at the library.

But duty prevailed and I donned layer upon layer, heated the car a full 15 minutes before backing out of my driveway, and drove off.

And the little village within our town that I love so much did not disappoint.



Buildings crafted with charm and care date back more than a century. And the gazebo, on the grounds of a historic homestead now public park, was still draped in pine roping from Christmas and it all looked like a greeting card.

With DVD in hand I decided to brave the brazen breeze and hurry through the park for a short, invigorating walk because that little voice inside kept nudging.

As a bone chilling wind blew snow from pine boughs overhead snowflakes swirled around me like a dusting of powdered sugar, captivating me with childlike wonder.

Like a scene from Citizen Kane {the DVD I had reserved} I stepped inside an antique snow globe that an unseen hand was gently shaking.


Intentional is our one word at Longings End in 2014.

And spurred on by this winter whimsy I kept walking.

Each step along snowy sidewalks felt like I was turning the pages of a lushly illustrated picture book.

Two boys with faces red as cardinals were building a snow fort in their front yard.

A girl whose tiny legs walked slowly cried out to her daddy when she realized how cold she was. He gently lifted her into his arms and picked up his pace. Perhaps they hurried home to mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallow fluff.

And then there was a black cat sitting forlornly on a front porch. Gazing expectantly at the door I am sure he was longing to curl up warm for a nap in front of the fireplace.

Circling back to the park, the gazebo seemed to beckon me to stay another moment. Brrrr!


But just then Zion Episcopal Church across the street with its tall stone bell tower started chiming the hour. And my eyes landed on the date on the library: 1887, one hundred years before my oldest son was born.

I wondered how many other souls like me — husbands and wives, sons and daughters —  had passed this way before.

For time never stops ticking and all that we have in any given moment is fleeting and fragile as a frozen bubble.

And everything keeps changing.

Everything and everyone except God. He never changes like shifting shadow.

The Bible tells us there is nothing new under the sun and for everything there is a season. Those souls departed that passed this way in this tiny village years before me, they loved and lost, worried and wondered, were fearful or faithful, cried and laughed.

Just like me and just like you. And God had His eye on them just like He’s watching over us.

For no matter how many times the clock chimes time doesn’t change the things that truly matter in life…like God, truth, love, forgiveness, family, friends, laughter and words whispered in the dark to soothe a tired heart.

Our Father gives magical moments like this one which can easily be missed because of life’s frantic pace. Yet it’s precisely these moments that bring joy and peace reminding us there is good to be found everyday if we keep our eyes and hearts open.

Savoring them we exhale and the deep, cleansing breath that follows brings healing and makes us grateful to be alive regardless of the issues we face.


And thankful that a giant, unseen Hand holds everything together in unending love and grace…


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2 thoughts on “Life’s moments are fragile so intentionally handle with care…

  1. What beautiful pictures!
    So much beauty to be found in this world. It’s sad that we so often miss it because we are too busy to pause for a moment.
    I’m so grateful that God doesn’t change. His love NEVER fails.

    Wonderful post.

    • God’s love for us NEVER FAILS. Others may fail us often or leave or hurt us, but God is our most wonderful lover of our soul. And I can’t thank Him enough for how tenderly He cares for me and for all the sweet gifts He gives us every single day. Thank you, my precious Father. Glad you liked the photos, TC. Thanks for your encouragement!