On the eve of new with dreams dawning…


We cast a backwards glance over shoulders maybe stooped at the year that was.

And all that happened both good and bad.

And how we grew and changed, or didn’t.

And what we accomplished, or maybe not.

We wonder as we wander trying to follow the star, being wise.

Am I on track, on course, running my race well?

Or am I just hop, skip and jumping from one thing to the next in a frantic frenzy to survive?

New Year is a time to exhale, let go.

And let God.

Invite Him into your heart if you haven’t done so already. He waits for you because He loves you. Like crazy.

His love for you and for me will never end.

Not ever. No matter what we do or don’t do. Nothing in His entire created cosmos full of mind blowing, spectacular stars and glorious galaxies can ever separate us from His everlasting and unconditional love.

Love, our greatest gift, our Lamb’s life blood. And His love will set us right.

It’s what we all need and want. Without it we search for meaning and sometimes turn down one dark alley after another in a quest, object of which eludes.

And us growing tired, aimless. Making mistakes and repeating errors. Crying. Longing. Dying.

And dying, like the year now ending, is precisely the way to find our life, our meaning, our purpose.

Dying to the selfish demands of self that focus solely on itself.

When others all around are dying or hungry or lost in their sins and their hurts.

Seeking but not finding and so much time wasted.

So let’s look up and out instead of in.

And as a New Year dawns baby-fresh and bright, slate clean and white, hopes and dreams strong, we choose to be INTENTIONAL in 2014.

Our one word for the next 12 months as we come off a year of BREAKingOUT of what has held us back for a lifetime and more breaking out to come, shedding thin skins and thick skulls in order to love better and serve more.

Not a one of us has any idea what the coming year will hold regardless of our resolutions or goals. But the One who holds us in His hands knows for He has numbered all of our days and written them in His book.

And His plans for us are good, full of hope.

But unless we come to Him seeking, with hearts and hands open to receive, we will never find that for which we search.

2014 is here and now is the moment to open your eyes, rub the star dust away, and I will too.

May we all focus our attention and set our intentions on following and fulfilling all the glorious plans made before the foundations were set.

As we do — believing — the marvelous and the miraculous will unfold, often showing up in the midst of the mundane and the messy.

And He will turn ashes to beauty as we strike the golden match to light the fire of faith most precious and fan the flame in hearts that blaze luminous like a star streaking across the sky.

Lighting darkness so that others may see.

And find the Way home…


Click here for tips on creating a Vision Prayer Board for the New Year.

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