This one thing can help you shed those lead boots you’ve been wearing too long…


The Mighty One, God the Lord,
speaks and summons the earth
from the rising of the sun to its setting.
Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth.
Psalm 50: 1-2

There are those days when we just can’t seem to shake the heaviness of our hearts. Or the lead boots it feels like we are wearing.

Held back, not moving forward, we want to crawl into a corner and shut out the world.

We may even feel that God is a million miles away and we are all alone.

Calling a friend, putting on praise music and even reading scriptures may not dislodge our spiritual block.


That’s when we need to step outside, even if only for ten minutes.

At break of day we can watch the sun peeking over the horizon as God greets the dawn with colors splashed in streaks of salmon fluff and wisps of deep violet against blue morning light rising higher.

The splendor of His artistry and the luminosity of His light will captivate our hearts and we will feel the energy of His love. This can change our perspective from gloomy to glad, from stuck to flowing.

Post sunset, we can look to the stars twinkling against a black velvet sky knowing the the One who calls them all by name has inscribed our name on the palm of His hand.

And at any time we can soak in the perfection of Him that surrounds us in creation, whether it’s the season of shorts and flip flops or woolen jackets and scarves.

Spending time outside each day, and especially on days when we feel totally bummed, is a sure spirit lifter.

And as our heart cries out to Him and we drink it all in, we will know His love for us forever burns and we can keep going for one more day…


Heart Cry


40 Reflections for Healing a Woman’s Soul


Today’s post is Day 20 from a new book I am readying for you in early December.

Heart Cry, 40 Reflections for Healing a Woman’s Soul, emanates from the cries of my own heart and the healing and reassurance I have received over the years through the Book of Psalms.

If you are a woman like me who has ever had a broken heart, suffered loss or sadness, felt deep pain over what a loved one has done or just been sorrowfully convicted over your own poor choices and don’t know how to get back to God, then Heart Cry can help with the healing of your heart as you surrender it to Him.

Over a period of 40 days Heart Cry may be used as part of your daily devotions. After reading the reflection for the day sit quietly for a few moments, letting the simple message sink in. Listen to what He may speak to your heart. You may even want to have a notebook or journal nearby so you can record whatever impressions you receive.

Drawing closer to God for 40 consecutive days will make you more like Him and help you learn to love better.

Pressing into the Lord of Love consistently one day at a time will change you.

For He sees our pain, ultimately using it all for good…



MKS Headshot POSTAGE STAMP Coming in DecemberHeart Cry, 40 Reflections for a Woman’s Soul.

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10 thoughts on “This one thing can help you shed those lead boots you’ve been wearing too long…

  1. Dear Sheila
    Yes, these beautiful photos of the sun have a way of allowing its rays to warm one’s heart as well. Looking forward to your book!!
    Blessings XX

  2. You know I needed this one, Sheila. I’m so enjoying the devotions you’ve written, my friend! It’s as though you are sharing with all of us what has healed you in your painful journey. Thanks so much for the salve of soothing words and healing truths!

  3. The sky always speaks to me of God’s glory, whether its morning, noon or night. Thanks for sharing these thoughts…maybe it’s time for a walk in the rain….