Going in circles…

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Live spherically.

With life a series of concentric rings around a central focus that is ever unchanging.

Living and breathing and loving in circles creating with everything overlapping and touching because it is all connected just like us to each other on this planet ever circling in cosmos exquisite.

All connected to Him from whom all creation manifested from words spoken.

Words like tiny seed circles birthing life.

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And I ask Him to allow me to create a circle of ever-deepening devotion as a daughter bending low before her holy Father.

Circle of respect and love ever growing for my man who wears a matching band of gold upon his finger.

Circles of relationship from a mother’s heart that prays without ceasing for sons grown, and for the circle of life in the next generation and the next to at least 1,000, all righteous.

Circles for creating with the gift He has given. Humble words for sharing twirling circles in my heart, and sometimes what I think I’ll write — like today — goes circling out the door and other words begin to spill because His plans spiral higher than mine.

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A burning ring of fire full of love fierce as a lion and gentle as a lamb.

Holy passion all consuming, pulling me in, never letting go.

Thank you, Father, for the circle of strong arms always holding.

Regardless of the circles in which we travel or the circles of sin we spin until our hearts get broken and we realize there’s no place like home.

Home is His heart.

Beating for us like the thump thump thump of an ancient drum, steady and healing. With circles widening to encompass because sound waves spread out in all directions at the same speed, the speed of sound.

And His sheep know the sound of His voice…

Home is a circular crown of thorns that pressed hard on every side, blood dripping, yet He knew he was following the Father’s plan, that circular path from heaven to earth and back to heaven again.

Leaving His riches in the spirit realm to take the form of a tiny baby boy and living in community with circles of people hurting with dark circles under their eyes from too many nights of carousing, circling aimlessly in search of Love.

Needing to be saved.

Home is faith in Him that encircles our tired and fearful form, holding tear-stained faces gently and gazing eye to eye and heart to heart, reminding us that perfect Love casts away every fear and greater is He that is in us filling than the enemy sucking us down into a grimy, bottomless pit where drops of tears fall like liquid circles from our wounded, wandering hearts.

And we wander, riding round and round on the same misery-go-round sometimes for years, going nowhere in circles until Love draws a circle of blood around us.

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Giving us new life in One direction and hope in all directions and Him always watching over us as we circle the sun, and the moon circles us and stars twinkle.

Grace flowing in a circle ever growing…


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3 thoughts on “Going in circles…

  1. Dear Sheila
    Yes, my friend, home is where the heart is and when we live in Jesus, closely knitted to His Holy Spirit, we will never want to be anywhere else. Then we already savor the first fruits of the new world to come where we will be with Jesus forever. He encourages us not to lay up treasures in this world.
    Blessings XX