What’s really scary on Halloween is never knowing Love…Final post in the First comes Love series Day 31


Today is the Lord’s day, like all the others.

It’s also Reformation Day when long ago Luther boldly proclaimed truth in his 95 Thesis.

And then there’s this house up the hill boasting a haunted horror scene on the front lawn, complete with ghoulish cries and shrieks which I hope doesn’t scare little trick or treaters tonight.

But do you know what’s even scarier?


Millions of people the world over do not know how much God loves them.

And their hearts and lives are slowly dying, all dark and howling.

Their brokenness cries in the night where memories haunt and lies taunt and they are unaware that Love’s arms long to hold them.

With a love that will never leave, a love that is free to all of us, no questions asked.

But it cost Him everything.

Giving it all at Golgotha, up there on that hill, the place of the skull.

Bleeding His last drop and asking the Father to forgive us for we truly know not what we do.

And it wasn’t our Lord hanging there scared. Powers of darkness shook seeing Love conquer sin and death.

Jesus taking the keys to Hades with Him and giving us the key to Paradise.

But the lost, how we stumble from our sins before we see the Light burning brightly on a hill, or hear the voice gently calling, still and small. And easy to miss in our noisy lives where too much busyness swoops in and swallows up our peace.

Yet the Prince of Peace, He is the Way…

And Love is pure and unending, no strings attached no matter where we are in our lives or what we have done in the past or how others have hurt or violated us.

Simply put, God loves you and me like crazy. And nothing can ever separate us from His love.


And He is waiting for you to open your heart to Him.

Embracing Love which brings healing to our hurting. Changing our lives in ways we can’t even fathom. No, it won’t make our lives problem free, but it will allow grace to be our constant comfort in times of need, trouble and sorrow.

And Love sets us free to become the people we were created to be, fulfilling our purpose.


But so many people are in the dark about how much they are loved.

Hurting, shamed and scared, with a skewed perspective on God.

Like I once was. Believing or rather not believing that there even was a God.

And if there was, He was surely unsafe and scary like the priest in black vestments, or another even closer to me.

Wrongly thinking that to have love in my life I needed to prove my worth by being perfect, pretty and smart all the time.

Believing punishment was sure to follow, failure was not an option, exhausting my limited resources. Yet fail I did. Many times along the way. Repeating cycles of sin and fear and shame.


It frightens me to think of all those folks not knowing truth and living a half life like I did.

Shuttering and quaking under a dark cloud, wondering if there is life after life, and crying in their beer as they recount their sins too numerous or heinous to mention, shackled and shamed.

Or so angry and unforgiving about how they were hurt or used in the past, shutting out the pain with drink or food or sex.

Living in a dark and grimy jail cell, never understanding the Christ died to set us free.

No longer bound by fear and anxiety, lacking hope, trying to make ourselves right before we cry out to the Righteous One for help. Listening to lies full of hate. Alone and lonely, believing there is no way out.


Christ made the Way.

So on this Lord’s Day of October 31 let’s share the Love and treat people with a sweet dose of truth.

Letting them know that the evil trickster who hates us all — simply because we bear the image of the Holy One — is a defeated foe with limited powers.

Standing firm in the light of Love that shone in the star over the cave and went all the way to the Cross and back just so we could live abundantly free.

And from the pages of the ancient words, a love letter written to each one of us personally, scripture upon scripture shares His great love for us.

Ponder those words, and pass them on to others.


God revealing Himself to us in Christ.

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.
Colossians 1:15

God dying to take away our sins. And rising from the dead and sitting at the right hand of the Father in heaven praying for you and for me, today and everyday.

Holy Spirit, as comforter, guide and counselor in our daily battle against darkness. And Father, always Father, knowing best and loving us with an everlasting love.

And the greatest treat on October 31 or any day of the year is coming to God humbly.

Asking His forgiveness.

Thanking Him for dying to take away our sins.

Receiving His forgiveness and believing in our hearts we are set free.

Seeking grace to forgive those who have hurt us.


And then giving up control of our lives, letting go, one day at a time.

Hearts freeing as never before.

Future full of hope…



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6 thoughts on “What’s really scary on Halloween is never knowing Love…Final post in the First comes Love series Day 31

  1. Absolutely beautiful. So heartbreaking, this topic. You dress it beautifully, Shelia. Thank you for this post to start my day.

    Thank you for the 31 days of sharing your heart in this series….

    (and happy Halloween…)

    ~Chris (of Campfires and Cleats)

    • Hugs back to you, my friend. And thank you for your encouragement today, lifting my spirits after a soul tussle through the night. And the 31 days was a challenge, but I am glad to have added my words to a subject, Love, unfathomable and free and ever calling our hearts to freedom, more and more. Tonight I’ll be handing out Tootsie Pops for all the little and big trick or treaters…leaving the bag of Snickers in Walmart and treating my husband’s heart by not adding to his cholesterol levels!!! 🙂 Blessings to you and yours Chris, on Halloween and every day…

  2. Dear Sheila
    I really admire all you girls who wrote for 31 days. And your topic was my favorite. Love, love and some more love. Actually there is no end to the love of our God. And then our responding in acceptance to this incredible gift of His life.
    Blessings XX

    • LOVE is what makes the world go round…and it’s what we all long for…and fuss and fight about. May all hearts everywhere rest in the heart of True Love in Jesus…Thanks, Mia. Glad you enjoyed the series. And all along the way God keeps teaching me about loving better. Glad it’s a lifelong lesson…we need that long to get it right 🙂

  3. Yes, it is heartbreaking that so many on this Hallowed eve are still in the Dark about TRUE LOVE from our Father God.

    • And that is why He tells us to shine our little lights as brightly as we can…And the JB Phillips version of Ephesians 5:13 says it like this… “…once you were “darkness” but now you
      are “light”. Live then as children of the light. The light produces in
      men quite the opposite of sins like these—everything that is wholesome
      and good and true. Let your lives be living proofs of the things which
      please God. Steer clear of the activities of darkness; let your lives
      show by contrast how dreary and futile these things are. (You know the
      sort of things I mean—to detail their secret doings is really too
      shameful). For light is capable of “showing up” everything for what it
      really is. It is even possible (after all, it happened to you!) for
      light to turn the thing it shines upon into light also…” Thanks for adding to the conversation, Hazel.