When love leaves too soon…Day 29 First comes Love series


Did she know when the sun rose that day that it would be their last chance to greet the dawn together?

Did she think as they walked the dogs and the sun warmed their backs, that their bed would grow cold before the next morning?

As she prepared dinner, did she realize that she would be cooking for one from then on?

Did she have the faintest idea that what is appointed unto us once was about to occur? That his smile, his voice, his arms around her would vanish unexpectedly?

That they were sharing their last meal, last word, last prayer, last kiss together.

That without warning, he would leave her, going on ahead.

One moment breathing here on earth with the love of his heart, and then his next heartbeat in heaven.

And him, ever reaching up for Christ, and now in His presence, in glory.

Sweetness shared in marriage this side of the veil, now a collection of snapshots and memories that will not fade. And her heart aching lonely without him, never forgetting.

And her Maker who is the husband of the widow, wrapping strong arms around her tenderly, wiping away her tears until one day He will wipe away every tear. Easing her pain with his everlasting love, holding her forever.

Tomorrow is not promised…

And this gives me pause with truth ringing profound yet sometimes overlooked as I run to and fro in the land of the living, racing through this precious gift.

Forgetting that life and love, it is all so fragile. We are only a wisp in the wind.

And while love never fails and God’s love is forever, our loved ones can pass from our arms to kiss the face of God in the twinkling of an eye.

It’s easy to forget, take for granted, or even casually toss aside all we have been given. Sometimes the mundane and monotonous daily grind grinds our hearts to pulp that stops pulsating Love.

Life becomes a gray blur and we become blind to the rainbow of blessings that color our lives. Especially our relationships with loved ones.


But love, true love, is a rare and precious jewel.

Multi-faceted, it shines in the darkest of moments. But that light can fade when we forget to nurture and nourish it.

And because this priceless gift cost Jesus everything we must give it our all.

Taking each day one day at a time.

Being thankful in all the moments.

Remembering to slow down and show and tell our spouse that we would do it all over again, taking that vow, because they are that important to us. After God, they are our lives.

Other loved ones, too. Family and friends, always letting them know in ways small and large that they are never far from our heart.

And then pouring out our hearts and our lives with love good and true.

Love that always says it’s sorry and always forgives, and never gives up. Love that is patient, kind and gentle, keeping no record of wrongs which in the end will seem so very trivial.

For Love flows from above, and Love bled out red to color our lives bright with joy like no other.

A gift.

Hold it most dear, and share it with all…


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14 thoughts on “When love leaves too soon…Day 29 First comes Love series

  1. Dear Sheila
    Your words today is soooo important! We need to cherish our loved ones here on earth, for as you have said it so beautifully, they can in a moment be kissing the face of God! I think this is also true for every person we come in contact with, because we know it does not matter how difficult, rude, impatient or whatever that person is, he or she is so precious to our Pappa.
    Blessings XX

    • Yes, Mia. It doesn’t matter who the person is. Our God wants us to love them because He loves them, no matter what. Especially our spouses, children and those we are most intimately related to, but also to the stranger we might meet today who looks like their heart is crying out to be noticed and wondering if anyone, anywhere really cares. Blessings to you…

  2. Oh Sheila, thank you for sharing your beautiful and also sad story of Love Leaving too Soon. Each day is one we need to cherish. Hugs given to widows and single ladies are necessary as the touch is important to our lives. Welcome to “Tell Me a Story.”

  3. Your words were just precious to me. You really touched my heart and reminded me how dear life really is. I don’t ever want to take one moment for granted. I lost my precious mother last year and my dear father 13 years ago. My heart still aches for them. I used to feel so repetitious telling them how much I loved and appreciated them. Now I am so glad I did. We never ended a phone call without saying “love you”. Now, I cherish my sweet husband and our precious little boy and plead with God to grant us as much time as possible together. Life is so fragile, and it means more to me than words. Thank you for your gentle, sweet reminder…I am so glad I ended up here today. God’s peace be with you always. http://www.cherylsmithministries.blogspot.com

    • Thank you, Cheryl. I am glad you ended up here today, too. And I am sorry for the losses in your life. And everyday we must choose to love or not love. And sometimes I choose the latter, preferring to be selfish for a while and then always sorry about it. And purposing to love better all over again with the dawning of day and God’s mercies all new, soft and tender like the spotted back of a baby fawn. And even though life is fragile, we need not walk in fear for our God holds us all the time. Praying blessings of protection over you and your sweet, young family, and mine too. With love…

      • Thank you SO much, Sheila! Your words meant so much! Thank you for your prayers most of all. 🙂 I read the sweet love story of you and your husband, and it was such a blessing. You are a beautiful couple! God never makes a mistake. May God grant you many long and happy hears together, and may every day be spent serving Him side by side! Your blog is a joy and pleasure to visit. 🙂 Love, Cheryl

        • Thank you very much for your sweet words of blessing and encouragement. I will be sure to share them with my Michael. Yes…God has given us a very dear gift of love in each other and we are very grateful for it! And trust that I will pray for you and your family as God brings you to mind. And later today I’ll be stopping by your blog to visit 🙂 Blessings to you and yours. And please, come back again…