Marital bad sides are really a lack of love…Day 14


The bane of many a marriage is the existence of a bad side.

A “bad side” is a place other than where resides an endless supply of love of the sort described in the thirteenth chapter of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians.

Those who possess bad sides capable of being gotten on do so from lack: an incomplete appreciation of all they have been forgiven and how great is the love of God towards them in Christ.


It is a place where those we claim to love are sent by us to be punished for offenses either real or supposed.

The possibility of being on a spouse’s bad side is to live in a continuously anxious state ‒ the very opposite of the depth of peace and rest a godly marriage is meant to afford.

The anecdote, the cure for anyone having a bad side is Jesus Himself.

To abide in Jesus is to be constantly immersed in the God who is absent of so much as a hint of a bad side.

And all of life is but an opportunity to grow in love: to God and to our neighbor of whom our spouse is but the closest.

Such growth requires us to be attached to the vine of Christ, the source of every spiritual benefit. It takes effort, a determination to cooperate with our Elder Brother who will give us every help we need.



May we yield to the Spirit of Christ in us, the hope of glory, so as to bring forth the fruit of gracious love in the garden of our marriage to the glory of God!

~michael with photos by my Sheila

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6 thoughts on “Marital bad sides are really a lack of love…Day 14

  1. Dear Sheila
    Your words remind me of how every spiritual blessings is only to be found in Jesus, especially love, and once we learn to abide in Him, His love becomes the anchor of a marriage!
    Blessings XX

  2. I think so many people expect someone else to make them happy, to supply all their needs and wants. When the other person can’t, they get upset and hold onto grudges.

    I know I used to be like this. I expected my husband to supply what only God could. When God showed me that and helped me work through it, it brought peace and joy to my marriage. I can’t expect my husband to fill the void of God and I can’t fill his void. Only God can.

    It’s so liberating to let God’s love rule in the marriage. His love is perfect.