First comes Love…31 days in October


God tells us that without love nothing we do will ever matter.

Yet we cannot love well until we first understand how greatly we are loved by Him.

And as we rest secure in His love that will never leave us, we can begin the lifelong lesson of learning how to love God and others.

No easy task. Not for the faint of heart. Certainly not for the self-centered.

So after prayer and with purpose I’m taking this challenge

Me and my Michael learning to love better.

You coming along, if you like.

And all of us learning to love like Jesus loves with hearts healing and relationships restoring.

For love and loved ones are far too precious to not want to practice love, making perfect.

With love flowing down from the Perfect One.

Love that cost Him everything.

And us, humbly spending ourselves in love so as to unwrap and enjoy this priceless gift of grace.

Love means God first and others before self.

Love means hard choices in difficult places.

Love means always saying you’re sorry.

And serving in love over and over again.

With love that goes the distance, no matter what.

For love never fails.

I’m calling this 31 day series First comes Love… We will explore God’s great love for us, how we must lay down our lives to love each other better, love in different seasons, love and addictions, love and marriage, love and loss, and many other topics.

Each day’s post will link back here so that at the end of October all the words of love lingering will be found together.

Will you come along on our quest to learn to love better?

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First comes Love…then everything else falls into place.


Day 1: Love begins with God

Day 2: Waiting for Love

Day 3: Love helps us be good for goodness sake

Day 4: Love in marriage heals old war wounds

Day 5: It is by loving and not by being loved

Day 6: Love unknown

Day 7: H.A.L.T. in the name of Love

Day 8: Celebrating the birth of my earthly love

Day 9: Filling an empty nest with Love, tips for a romantic date night

Day 10: A grandfather’s love for a little girl and birthdays at the fair

Day 11: As if Love

Day 12: Tips for becoming a really great lover

Day 13: Stubborn Love

Day 14: Marital bad sides are really a lack of love

Day 15: When we love our kids we let them go to find their own lives

Day 16: This is Love

Day 17: Love from the Longings End kitchen…and a fairy tale book and baking date with your child

 Day 19: Love Him with all your heart

Day 20: Love crucified

Day 21: Love cuts the chains that cut our hearts, and sets us free – October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month

Day 23: Their love helped save my life and escape domestic violence

Day 26: Open letter from an abusive stepdad {or any parent} asking forgiveness once Love gets his heart

Day 29: When love leaves too soon

Day 31: What’s really scary on Halloween is never knowing Love

And: The time to love is now

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6 thoughts on “First comes Love…31 days in October

  1. Dear Sheila
    Oh, I love how John tells us not only that God SO LOVED us, but also that God IS LOVE. it just stands to reason that love is what it is all about.
    Blessings XX

  2. Sheila
    SO enjoying your series! I do subscribe but life has prevented me from really reading and enjoying. I am heading back to the beginning now, after reading days 7,8 and 9!! LOL

    Thank you so much, for not only the guidance, but also the beauty of your style….you truly have a gift.

    God bless