Finding peace when we feel like puppets…


Like puppets dangling from cords manipulated by a cruel puppeteer, we can sometimes feel and act as if we’ve lost our minds.

Saying and doing things in the heat of the moment that make no sense and certainly don’t reflect the mind of Christ or our love for one another.

And during moments of crazy like this, we tend to believe the lies of satan, thinking we have no control over our thoughts, words or behaviors, and giving him a toe hold. We  lose our peace, and then quickly snowball downhill.

The battle begins in the mind!

And our enemy is very cunning, using dirty tricks and low blows in an effort to make us crumble into a heap, forgetting that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

Yet JEHOVAH-MAUZZI is the God who is our fortress.

Ever alert and on guard, the only way to win is to grow our relationship with Jesus, fighting back with all the weapons of warfare that Abba has given us as we face a defeated foe. Yet always remembering that we can only fight as we are vested in His strength and power, lest we lose.

God goes before us, flanking us on all sides and with a rear guard. JEHOVAH-MAGEN, our God, the shield.

And our God is bigger than the boogey man. 

JEHOVAH-NISSI is victorious, our banner and standard of victory.

Especially when we forget, and fall into a pit where everything is stinking darkness.

The bible tells us that a steadfast mind is the key ingredient in securing His peace. And only a mind and heart anchored in Christ can overcome the challenges of life in this world.

And since this peace doesn’t spring from anything in this world it is immune from the tumultuous events swirling around us.

But sometimes we get all dizzy from the swirling and tilting of this ride called life. And we need to close our eyes and ears to what is playing out real time, and focus on Him who is Truth, Him who is Love, Him who is Peace.

And we will regain our peace as we re-place our trust in the One who is outside of time in a supernatural realm where truth reigns because He is always trustworthy and so is His word.

And as we reach our tired, trembling hands towards His, He breaks us free of satan’s snare…

Come along with me now and click here to read Michael’s words of wisdom on this subject in his essay, A steadfast mind…


Image credit Martha Kroth//Washington Post


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4 thoughts on “Finding peace when we feel like puppets…

  1. So much wisdom here, Sheila. I especially like this statement, “And since this peace doesn’t spring from anything in this world it is immune from the tumultuous events swirling around us.” It’s something I’ve not quite thought of before and it is comforting to remember that nothing can destroy us or take our peace when we cling to and focus on our sweet Savior!

  2. Dear Sheila
    I am reading a book at the moment of James Fowler which I have downloaded for free from his website, Chrit in You Ministries, calles Spirit-Union allows for Soul-Rest. It deals a lot about this and is an excellent read. Actually, I absolutely praise our Pappa for what I have learned though this man’s’s work!